Over the past two weeks I have been introducing you to local travel agents Bob and Vickie Roden, owners of Utmost Travel. FIRST, I SHARED WITH YOU how Utmost Travel differs from other travel agencies in that Bob and Vickie specialize in itinerary design, custom-creating each vacation based on your personal travel style.

Then, I shared THE TYPES OF TRAVEL THEY SPECIALIZE IN BOOKING, including guided tours, individual travel, river and ocean cruises, group travel, and all-inclusive resort packages. Their connections with hundreds of different vendors allow for competitive pricing and access to exclusive promotions and packages…and all of this comes at no charge to you!

Today I want to wrap up this series by touching on a few extra-special aspects of Utmost Travel that you truly won’t find anywhere else. First, I want to reiterate that Bob and Vickie truly love to travel and want to plan your dream vacation. “More than any other country, Americans take the fewest amount of vacation days a year, and we want those days off to be extraordinary,” Vickie told me. No trip is too intricate for this husband and wife team. In fact, Adventure Travel is one of their specialties. Whether taking a two-week cruise to the polar regions, a guided motorcycle tour through Peru, or horseback riding through the Andes Mountains, Utmost Travel will do every bit of heavy lifting for their client. Securing multiple visas, international flights, rentals, accommodations throughout multiple countries – every bit of it is procured by Bob and Vickie. Just try finding these options combined with this level of service online.

Something each of you needs to attend is a Travel Night hosted by Utmost Travel. Guiding a group to favored destinations is something the Rodens hope to do each year, and they host a travel night to educate attendees about these destinations. These are NOT high-pressure sales events; instead, they are fun and intimate gatherings designed to educate and inform guests about different regions across the globe. In 2019 Bob and Vickie are leading groups to Napa-Sonoma and to Ireland. Be sure to visit their website for more information about Travel Nights with Utmost Travel.