The Collin County Women’s Summit will feature several breakout sessions, including a personal organization presentation with Traci Olivares of Sorted Out.

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The workshop will focus on providing women with tools to organize their homes and lives and ultimately live more simply and less stressed.

Olivares has a gift for organizing, and she shares her passion to help others become functional, and live peaceful lives through business and residential organization. She enjoys teaching people how to make their space simple and streamlined.

Life is too short to be overwhelmed, and Olivares shows her clients how to live their lives in a more simplified way. She does this through implementing systems and strategies that work with each person’s personality to help them maintain organization on their own long after she is gone.

Olivares’ background is in the corporate aviation industry, and she holds a pilot’s license and a flight instructor certificate. She then transitioned to fundraising at a non-profit radio ministry. After her first child was born, and she started spending time with other young mothers, Olivares noticed that most of them were disorganized, stressed out and overwhelmed. She knew that they didn’t have to live this way, and being organized was part of the solution.

McKinney Online

So, in 2007, Olivares decided to start her own professional organizing business. After her twins were born, Olivares met another twin-organizing mom, Tonia Tomlin, and she joined forces with Sorted Out in 2009. Sorted Out is a member of the Women’s Business Council and has been featured on HGTV and Good Morning Texas.

Olivares currently lives in McKinney with her husband, 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old twins.