During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah and Kristoffer Tesch decided to make a drastic life change, and it ended up being the best decision they’ve ever made.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of their suburban life in McKinney, the pair decided to move their family out to a ranch almost near the Oklahoma border for a complete lifestyle change.

They moved there last April to live on a ranch in Bells, Texas and breed Highland Cattle. While there, they opened a business called Tesch Hillside Horns.

The Teschs have never lived on a ranch and the majority of their life prior to moving to Bells, was spent in the suburbs. They lived in McKinney for 10 years before making the move but always knew they wanted to move out to the country when they retired, but did not expect it to be now.

“During COVID when we were at home with everybody, we just kind of looked around and one day looked at each other and were like ‘what are we doing’” Sarah said. We asked ourselves, what are we waiting for?”

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