With housing prices in Collin County skyrocketing in the last year, homeowners should expect steep increases in their home appraisals.

Collin Central Appraisal District said they are anticipating an average increase of 28-30% for home appraisals in the county compared to 2021.

2022 Appraisal Notices were expected to be mailed out on April 15.

The Texas Association of Appraisal Districts said regions around the state have seen increases in values between 10-50% since last year.

The state appraisal district said cities, counties, hospitals, school districts and community colleges rely heavily on property taxes.

In Texas, homeowners can apply for homestead exemptions which help lower your taxes and ensure that your property taxes won't increase more than 10 percent per year.

How to fight your increase

In Texas, if you disagree with the home valuation you are provided by your county’s appraisal district, you can appeal the decision.

In Collin County, you can either fill out their protest forms or simply provide the county a notice of protest. In that notice you need to note who the owner is, the property you are concerned about and why you don’t agree with the valuation.