Beginning in May, the McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) sponsored a quality of life survey of McKinney residents that included both phone and online components – a scientifically accurate, statistically valid telephone poll of 401 McKinney residents; and an online survey that captured opinions of 522 individuals.

When asked about overall Quality of Life in McKinney:

•  97% of phone respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied

•  92% of online respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied

Better than two of every three individuals participating in the phone survey (68%) graded the City of McKinney as having improved in the past five years; 25% indicated the community had remained the same. 56% of online respondents indicated the community had improved during the past five years; 36% felt the City had remained the same.

The top three types of projects for MCDC to fund, based on resident input through the survey, were:

•  Recreational or community facilities, such as recreation centers, aquatic centers and/or community centers

•  Public park and open space improvements

•  Professional and amateur sports facilities

The results of the quality of life survey will assist the MCDC board of directors in identifying community priorities for project focus and funding.

To see a summary of the results please click here.

Projects Eligible for Funding Under Type B Statute

(Chapters 501 to 505 of the Texas Local Government Code)

In order for the "Quality of Life" projects to be considered by the MCDC board for funding, they must meet eligibility requirements outlined by state statute and fall within a category listed below:

•  Projects Related to Creation or Retention of Primary Jobs

•  Projects Related to Job Training to Further Economic Development

•  Infrastructure Improvement Projects Necessary to Develop New or Expanded Business Enterprises

•  Mass Transit-Related Facilities – Commuter Rail, Light Rail or Motor Buses

•  Projects Related to Affordable Housing

•  Professional and Amateur sports and Athletic Facilities, including children's sports

•  Public Parks and Open Space Improvements

•  Promotional Expenses that Advertise or Publicize the City for the Purpose of Developing New and Expanded Business Enterprises


About the McKinney Community Development Corporation

The McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) is an organization with a mission to promote and preserve the quality of life in McKinney. It was established in 1996 when McKinney voters approved a one-half cent sales tax to be used to enhance McKinney's aesthetic, cultural and leisure amenities. MCDC is guided by a volunteer board of seven McKinney residents appointed by the City Council. The board, along with its Executive Director, is tasked with identifying potential quality of life projects, reviewing grant funding requests and serving as responsible stewards of approximately $8 million taxpayer dollars generated annually through the half-cent sales tax. Visit