McKINNEY, TX – With the Texas governor announcing his plans to open Texas, the next logical step is to provide help for area businesses to navigate their way through a minefield of questions, procedures, and guidelines to get back to work. The McKinney Chamber of Commerce partnered with Centipede Digital, a full-service marketing agency, to do just that with the launch of the website

“There are a lot of questions and concerns that businesses have right now when it comes to reopening,” explains Lisa Hermes, President and CEO of the Chamber. “The website,, is meant to help answer those questions by gathering as many resources as possible and putting them in one place.”

Businesses and individuals alike can find anything from marketing help to tips on how best to sanitize and clean their office after getting back to work.

“We saw how hard the Chamber was working to get accurate and useful information out to our community and it only seemed right to help them in their efforts,” said Thomas Morganelli, CEO of Centipede Digital. “If creating a website that is easy to access, navigate through, and update helps just one person or business then that’s all that matters to us."

The process to get back to business won’t happen overnight. Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a plan to “open” Texas in steps. On top of that, local governments have their own policies in place.

“It’s a lot. For example, many business owners are being asked to follow new rules with little guidance in how to implement them. This new website breaks everything down into easy-to-digest sections,” says Hermes.

“We all play a vital role in getting our community back on track and that means we should support each other,” said Kate Morganelli, President of Centipede Digital. “Pulling strengths of various members and organizations to get us back on track is what will get McKinney back to business safely.”