This Independent Financial led project is now in its second year of serving patients in North Texas

McKINNEY, Texas (October 5, 2022) – Just over a year ago the Family Health Center on Virginia opened its new and larger location in McKinney, Texas and the facility has continued to experience tremendous growth. The facility is designed to provide healthcare to the underserved, and Independent Financial served as lead donor among a coalition of community partnerships which made the new facility possible.


The Family Health Center saw nearly 6,000 unique patients last year, up from 4,000 in 2020, and the facility is on pace to exceed even the highest predicted numbers in 2022.


With the upward trend continuing, the center expects to grow its patient volume to near 12,000 unique patients annually.


The Family Health Center was established through community partnerships led by the North Texas Family Health Foundation and support from many community organizations. Independent Financial was intensely involved both through financial donations as well as donating thousands of hours of personnel time.


“The increasing medically underserved population across our region is an issue our organization was keenly aware of,” said James Tippit, Independent Financial Executive Vice President - Corporate Responsibility. “Independent Financial has grown from Texas roots, so it was important to us to be a part of expanding healthcare access to these Texas families. We are extremely pleased with the results from the first year in the new location and this illustrates the need and why our organization was committed to seeing this mission being fulfilled.”


Designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), the Family Health Center on Virginia provides pediatrics, OB/GYN, adult and senior care, child (starting at 6 months) and adult dentistry, and counseling services, all in one location in a dignified setting. Focused on the underserved, the clinic accepts Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, Tricare (military), most private and employer-based insurances, and patients with no insurance coverage. Additionally, the facility provides special discounts based on family size and income. Community-based clinics like Family Health Center provide essential primary and preventive care services to individuals and families where quality care for underserved populations is needed but often scarce.


“The growing numbers that we have seen underscore the great need for a facility such as this”, said Allen Patterson, CEO for the Family Health Center. “Our mission is all about serving the most vulnerable and providing access to healthcare services for those who need it most. This new facility was designed to provide more and better healthcare services to families in need, and we have been thrilled at the response thus far.”


“We hope the Family Health Center continues to be a trusted resource for McKinney and the North Texas area,” said Valerie Lengel, Marketing and Outreach Consultant. “The building is meant to reflect a warm, welcoming structure that shows we're part of the community and ready to be their medical home.” 

Currently, the facility is staffed by three OB physicians, three pediatricians, two nurse practitioners, two dentists, a behavioralist, a certified nurse midwife and a staff of nurses and support personnel. The facility operates five major service lines: pediatrics, obstetrics/women's health, adult and senior care, dental, and behavioral health. The facility also operates its own lab.

Prior to relocating to its new, ultra-modern facility at 1620 W. Virginia Street in McKinney, the Family Health Center (beginning in 2018) occupied a smaller temporary facility. A total of 1,900 patients were served in 2019 and that number more than doubled in 2020 even while negotiating the challenges of a pandemic. In 2021, nearly 6,000 patients were served, and the facility is on pace this year to set a new record.


In 2021, the Family Health Center completed the move to its new home, a 25,000-square-foot structure designed and constructed from the ground up and made possible through the efforts of many community partners and in-kind donations.


The new facility supports the Family Health Center’s vision to provide community-based care, as well as alleviate the critical shortage of primary care healthcare providers. State-of-the-art conference and training rooms are available for partnering academic institutions that train primary care providers and other healthcare professionals. Along with both clinic and hospital services, the Family Health Center meets the needs of its patients via telemedicine, access to information related to COVID-19 concerns, and continuing care for chronic disease management.