MISD: McKinney Independent School District

Currently McKinney ISD utilizes:

•  More than 2,000 iPads

•  More than 3,500 iPod Touches

•  Approximately 13,000 computers

•  About 765 Smartboards


32% of MEDC’s website hits come from California.

City of McKinney

Website statistics over the past year:

•  Visits: 1,221,202

•  Unique visitors: 620,088

•  Page views: 3,559,350

•  Subscribers to City of McKinney weekly electronic newsletter: 37,000


The McKinney Community Development Corporation is dedicated to enhancing quality of life in McKinney for residents and visitors. A complete list of projects approved for funding, since 1996, can be found onmckinneycdc.org. Projects and events supported by MCDC are promoted through the website and on MCDC’s Facebook page. Agendas and topics for monthly board meetings are posted on both the MCDC and the City of McKinney websites – to ensure citizens are informed and involved.



MPAC: McKinney Performing Arts Center

QR Codes: McKinney Main Street and the Historic Preservation Office recently launched a new tour utilizing QR Codes to showcase the history of some of Downtown’s most famous buildings.

In 2012, McKinney Performing Arts Center installed two state-of-the-art L.E.D Marquees to assist in promoting and highlight upcoming shows and events inside the performing arts building.

At the McKinney Performing Arts Center, clients and visitors alike can utilize the free WiFi that they offer. So if you are in Downtown McKinney and need access to the internet, go into MPAC for a free connection.

McKinney Performing Arts Center houses a state-of the-art ticketing system where you can order tickets anytime or by visiting the Emerson Ticket Office.


The McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau partners with the Frisco, Plano and Allen CVB’s on NorthTexasShopping.com, a website that markets Collin County as a shopping destination and offers a quarterly sweepstakes. The site launched in May 2012 and has had sweepstakes entries from 20 states and more than 50,000 site visits.

McKinney Chamber of Commerce

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce promotes McKinney with targed messaging through five Facebook pages:

•  The Chamber’s Facebook page has more than 2,100 fans.

•  McKinney Magazine’s Facebook page has gained nearly 2,000 fans in just one year.

•  Posts reach more than 10,000 users weekly.


Collin College

Force Vest

Who says math and physics aren’t fun?! College is a dynamic adventure filled with roller coasters, airplane flights, skydiving and rock climbing for students in Collin College’s Center for the Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences (CASMNS). When these students strap on a force vest with the PASPORT 3-Axis Accelerometer/Altimeter, they become the human subjects who experience real-time science. Learning about acceleration changes and potential and kinetic energy is an exhilarating process they never forget.

Collin College - 3D Printer

3D Printer

At Collin College, if you can imagine it, you can create it. Today’s students can change their concepts into a reality they can literally hold in their hands with Collin College’s Dimension 3D printer. In the past, individuals had to send their 2D drawings to a shop and wait three to four weeks to receive the product. With rapid prototyping, Collin students have the skills and technology to design a project today, print it tonight and deliver it tomorrow.


Today’s healthiest businesses are faster and leaner than their competition. In manufacturing, robots are big business — they can play a pivotal role in a company’s bottom line. That is why corporations send their employees to Collin College for the latest hands-on robotics training using an industrial FANUC robot.Continuing education students learn or enhance their programming skills and develop the ability to analyze when manufacturing jobs should be performed by a robot or a person. More precise robotic movements and a reduction in programming time translate to skilled employees that save the company, and ultimately consumers, money.