McKINNEY (Oct. 31, 2014) — Mobile apps have become the latest and one of the best tools that we’ve ever seen in marketing. That little screen in your smartphone is valuable “real estate” and Streamlined Ingenuity LLC is helping retailers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, sports firms, etc. capitalize on this growing trend by developing mobile apps that allow businesses to stay in touch with their customers proactively.

“In 2013, we noticed that over 40 billion dollars was spent by people purchasing products and services on a mobile device or smartphone using mobile apps that were downloaded, primarily, for free. In 2014 we are well over 100 billion dollars year to date and projections are that mobile app in-app purchases could reach more than 700 billion dollars by 2017. This would make mobile apps the fastest growing industry in the world – EVER!” — Sylvester Raymond III, President, Streamlined Ingenuity LLC

“Frankly we see the future of technology helping us to stay ahead of the game with our Texas Revolution Indoor football team. Streamlined Ingenuity is giving us the opportunity by building our mobile app so that we stay connected with our fans and allow them to even make some purchases of our products through the mobile app.  Anytime we can turn a fan into a participant we know we all win. We are excited to have partnered with Streamlined to help us learn to use this technology.” — Tommy Benizio, President, Texas Revolution Indoor Football Team

Streamlined is also announcing that they are developing a new methodology that is pat pending. This technology will allow people who play games similar to Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Kim Kardashian or even games of chance like Poker and Slots to actually receive FREE gifts when the level up or move forward in a game. This new methodology is called Strategic Mobile Product Placement Gamification™ (SMPPG) ™.

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“In SMPPG™, instead of a gamer receiving nothing but the satisfaction for spending money inside a mobile app game, they actually receive a tangible product or service now when they play games that have the SMPPG™ methodology programmed into them. We simply identify the historical data for when people spend money naturally in a game, which is called the NDMBS™, or (Natural Digital Mobile Buying Stream)™, insert a digital coupon from a client who wants to sell a product and the person playing the game gets the free product automatically without having to decide whether or not they want it. And if it’s something they don’t want, we will have a website where they can sell that coupon for half price that they received for no additional cost to them so for them it would be a profit even if they sell it for half price and of course the recipient is happy because they got a coupon for half price. The idea came when we noticed that 40 billion dollars was being spent on the in-app purchases inside mobile apps, but that 80% of that money was from games. We simply found a way for businesses that were not into the gaming market to now cash in on billions of dollars by inserting themselves into a Natural Digital Mobile Buying Stream™ that needed no interruption. SMPPG™ will allow your company to take just about any product and have it placed into that natural stream.” — Sylvester Raymond III, President, Streamlined Ingenuity LLC

“SMPPG™ is a methodology that has changed the laws of marketing as we know them. When people finally see what SMPPG™ can do for their businesses, marketing a product the old fashioned way, (demographic studies, attraction marketing, and even some SEO principals) will change or even become obsolete. SMPPG™ does not require long held tenets of marketing like demographics, geography etc. If they spend money in games that’s the only requirement.” — Dr. Zandy L. McGruder

“We help you reach your customers at their fingertips.”

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