McKINNEY, TX -- StatLab Medical Products, a local, McKinney-based manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic supplies, knows what it means to fight. They’ve been fighting cancer for over 40 years, creating and improving products, testing raw materials, and establishing ISO quality certification to ensure patient samples in labs across America and around the world are processed and tested using the highest quality of materials for earlier cancer detection. It means going the extra mile—and sometimes out of their way—to ensure their customers have what they need.

Now, they’ve joined the fight against COVID-19 with the introduction of liquid hand sanitizer to their product portfolio, produced locally at the StatLab corporate plant in McKinney. “When we realized our customers couldn’t secure access to this important product, we knew we had to start the journey to bring sanitizer development in-house to help keep our customers and communities safe and healthy” said Wayne Rigler, SVP of Marketing and Sales at StatLab.

The new liquid hand sanitizer product is manufactured in full compliance with FDA guidelines. The highest quality of raw materials is sourced and tested in-house upon arrival at our facility to ensure the final product you receive is one you can trust.

In parallel with onboarding sanitizer production, StatLab launched a corporate social responsibility program called “Do the Right Thing”, bringing PPE and hand sanitizer to healthcare and service organizations unable to secure supplies to stay safe while providing essential services.

As part of this program, StatLab is helping McKinney restaurants safely open back up by donating hand sanitizer to these hard-hit local businesses. “We are grateful for the opportunity to step up and help” said Dan Eckert, CEO of StatLab. “Our core values of caring, doing, and delivering drive our business daily to do the right thing, and this program quickly came together as an extension of those values. We’re especially excited to support our local community—we’re in this together, and we’re on your team.”

Learn how StatLab can support your business with locally-produced, in-stock, clinical-grade hand sanitizer at a discounted price.