With its swirling spirals of red and white, the barbershop pole is one of the most recognizable symbols in American history. No matter where you travel, you are likely to see this celebrated  sign used by barbers around the world.

But did you know that the number of barbershops has been declining for the past 30 years? Those in the industry say that unisex haircutting businesses – many of which are designed to attend to as many customers as possible in a short period of time – have led to a decline in traditional barbershops.

However, several McKinney businesses are reversing this trend by reintroducing the public to barbershops with a fresh, new spin. These unique finds in men’s barbershops are each carving a niche in the market with a look and vibe all their own.


Built in the late 1800s, the Palace Barber Shop on the Square is believed to be the oldest barbershop in McKinney. (Photo courtesy of Palace Barber Shop)


Palace Barber Shop McKinney

All About Relationships

Built in the late 1800s, the Palace Barber Shop on the Square is believed to be the oldest barbershop in McKinney. Billed as an “old-fashioned barbershop,” current owner Linda Marshall has worked at the Palace for more than 33 years and has owned it for the last 6.

No appointments are taken, and the Palace Barber Shop welcomes clients on a first-come, first-served basis. With four available barbers, the wait generally isn’t long. Payment is by cash and checks only – debit and credit cards are not accepted.

“My clients know what to expect here, and everyone likes it,” Marshall says. “It just works. We offer Coke around here – no beer or wine. We really feel like people want to go back to the basics, and here at the Palace, they like that old-fashioned feel.”

Offering services like haircuts, beard trims and shampoos, Marshall and her team are occasionally asked to do a head shave or a straight-razor shave. But, mostly the clients at Palace Barber Shop come for traditional haircuts, great service, fellowship and camaraderie.

“We are like family at the Palace,” Marshall says proudly. “I have cut some of my clients’ hair for over 33 years and now I cut their kids’ and grandkids’ hair. Truly, it’s about relationships around here. I have a deep bond with all of my clients. Mostly they want to come in, sit down, get a good cut, and talk. And, I’m glad to listen.”



A gentleman receives a straight-razor shave at Floyds 99. (Photo by Kelli Schmidt)


Floyd’s 99 Barber Shop

The Original ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ Barbershop

As Floyd’s website touts, “If Rolling Stone drummed up a barbershop, this would be it.” Floyd’s Barber Shop puts a new spin on an old classic, providing haircutting services to men, women and the whole family.

Offering a hip, young, fresh vibe, Floyd’s almost has a club atmosphere, with a rock-and-roll feel and an upbeat environment.

“We offer a laid-back environment where clients can come in and enjoy the music,” says Milad Ziyai, Regional Manager of Floyd’s. “Overall, we are all about quality, quality, quality. But we like to have fun.”

Floyd’s offers old-school barber services, such as haircuts and a massaging shampoo as well as warm towel service, a straight-razor shave and a five-minute shoulder massage for every customer.

“Our commitment is to our customers, offering a minimal wait, expert stylists and barbers, and prices that make sense,” Ziyai says. “We strive to make every visit an unforgettable experience for our clients. But we are definitely not your grandfather’s barbershop.”



Rooster’s offers well-trained barbers and stylists who specialize in men’s precision haircuts and shaves. (Photo courtesy of Roosters)



Pampering & Grooming

The Roosters experience combines modern grooming techniques with classic barbershop elements. Reestablishing the traditional men’s center, Rooster’s offers well-trained barbers and stylists who specialize in men’s precision haircuts and shaves.

Every customer is treated to full-service pampering in an oversized leather barber chair, a hot steam towel, and luxurious scalp massages with each visit. And, men of legal age can enjoy a beer while they wait. Soft drinks, water and popsicles are also available.

“At Roosters, we offer a modern twist on the traditional barbershop,” explains owner Cissy Hortin. “From the moment our client arrives, we want our guest to have an exceptional,  relaxing experience. Our exclusive clientele is men, and we strive to provide customized products and services.”

Hortin smiles and adds: “Our guests’ time is very important to us, so we take appointments to minimize their wait. We strive to provide a warm, inviting place where a dad can bring in his son for his first shave and feel comfortable and relaxed.”



El Dorado Chevrolet / Mazda Barbershop

Haircut with Convenience

El Dorado Chevrolet/Mazda Dealership offers a full-service barbershop within the dealership’s service department.

Designed for men to make the most of their time, El Dorado Cuts is managed by Jackie Dinsmore, a native McKinney resident who has more than 49 years of haircutting experience.

Open for almost two years, El Dorado Cuts provides haircuts and straight-razor shaves for men as well as other haircoloring services and styling for women.

Targeted mostly for men, El Dorado Cuts has seen tremendous success from both Jackie’s loyal clientele as well as dealership customers.

Mark Welch, General Manager El Dorado Chevrolet and Mazda, says: “Our partnership has been a tremendous success. We have been so pleased with El Dorado Cuts, and Jackie is a legend in his own right. He has brought a plethora of business to El Dorado Chevrolet/Mazda.”

Dinsmore laughs and agrees: “It’s a very cool idea. I can say one thing for sure – we are the only barbershop with a car dealership inside!”

he next time your hair is getting a bit shaggy, remember that McKinney has a variety of men’s haircutting businesses. Stop in when you spot that familiar swirling barbershop pole. You’ll be glad you did.


About the Author: Carolyn Cameron is a local marketer and freelance writer who frequently contributes to McKinney Magazine.