Around this time of year, “the season of giving”, many start to consider ways they can help others. Nonprofit organizations begin to release “wish lists” for those that want to give. Some will ask for gift cards, others will ask for food items, or office equipment to support their organization; nevertheless, the goal of all is to gather as much support during this time as they can. Many nonprofits’ continued success depends solely on donations from their generous community. 

As much as they appreciate the support around the holidays, your contribution is needed throughout the year and not just monetarily or through tangible donations. Take, for instance, The Samaritan Inn – a local homeless program that provides shelter and support for Collin County’s homeless – who recently received assistance from Sara Knox and her students from the McKinney Art House. Knox, her students, and residents of The Samaritan Inn gave their time and artistic talents to decorate the door of the Inn with a beautiful mosaic. Knox and her students were able to give the residents of The Samaritan Inn more than food or shelter; they were able to provide them with a boost in morale and pride in their temporary home. 

If you can give this season or anytime of the year, please do so. Local nonprofits wish lists can be found by clicking the Wish List link provided here: Wish List.

You can visit The Samaritan Inn website at