McKINNEY — Bob Harvey is now offering a new barbeque cleaning service called Road Runner Grill Cleaners. Using a proprietary system from Ovenu in the United Kingdom, this service removes all traces of grease, fat and carbon deposits from barbeque grills especially in areas that can’t be seen.

Harvey has owned several small family businesses over the past 20 years and is excited to begin this new venture and bring a valuable service to the community.

“With the growing popularity of barbeque grills, outdoor kitchens and year-round grilling, this revolutionary cleaning system provided the perfect business opportunity that I could again own and manage another business,” Harvey said. “Plus a clean grill makes for healthier and safer grilling.”

This unique barbeque cleaning process provides many benefits for grill owners, including the removal of harmful carcinogens and charred food particles that can be transferred to food. This thorough cleaning and inspection process prevents future corrosion, helps extend the life of the grill, keeps a grill looking great and finally protects a valuable investment.

“Our environmentally-friendly cleaning service removes key components and deep cleans them in specially-equipped trailers using a proprietary method,” said Harvey. The service includes the following steps:

Complete degreasing of key components:


Control Knobs

Rotisserie Racks

Pull-Out Tray


Wire Catch Pan

Drip Pans



Components DEEP-CLEANED in steam bath:

Grill Racks

Heat Plates

Flavorizer Bars

The unit is then polished upon completion. The result is the cleanest grill that can be achieved in the marketplace today.

“As an authorized technician for The BBQ Cleaner, I am really looking forward to getting out there and demonstrating what a difference a clean barbeque makes to customers,” Harvey added.

For more information, call 469-617-1241, email or visit online at


About Road Runner Grill Cleaners

Road Runner Grill Cleaners offers a unique and proprietary service to deep-clean outdoor barbeque grills. Road Runner Grill Cleaners use an environmentally-friendly cleaning process to remove all traces of grease, fat and carbon deposits from grills especially in areas that are difficult to reach and see. The expert service provides spectacular results that cannot be achieved by self-cleaning methods. The Company, based in McKinney, began in September 2014. For more information, visit