Dru Riess of Popular Ink is featured in an online-only story in UC Magazine, a flagship publication of the University of Cincinnati. The article is entitled “It pays to be 'Popular:' Dying printing business now makes millions after Lindner College of Business grad Dru Riess revived it.”

Riess is a 2005 graduate of the Lindner College of Business, at the University of Cincinnati.

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Dru Riess (right) and his business partner Ray Salinas now run a business in a 24,000-square-foot building employing 13 people.

The story begins: “Six years ago, he was sleeping in a steel barn in McKinney, having just taken over a company in the printing industry, which he knew next to nothing about.

“To put every dollar he had toward bringing the company out of debt, he slept where he worked. Armed with a single printing press, housed in a barn with no insulation or air conditioning, Riess began building a brand that would soon make millions.”

Popular Ink has been in business for two decades, formerly known as Flex Pac, LP or Blackard Flex Pac, LP. Riess and business partner Ray Salinas started running the day-to-day operations in May 2007.

In August 2011 Riess and Salinas acquired the company and renamed it “Popular Ink Corporation.” The name was chosen to reflect the vision they have for the company’s success, as well as the success they envision for their clients.

Part of the company’s mission statement says: “We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, high quality production, and the above and beyond mentality. With that in mind we challenge our clients to make us earn their business.”

Popular Ink was featured in the October-November 2012 issue of McKinney Magazine in an article entitled “McKinney Success Story: Popular Ink Just Keeps Flowing.” Click here to read that story.

The McKinney Independent School District (MISD) recently added Popular Ink to the Partners in Education program. Part of their support of MISD includes serving as a real-world resource for the school district's business and marketing classes. Click here to read more about this partnership.

Click here to read the complete story by Dakota Wright on the UC Magazine website, magazine.uc.edu.