Two young entrepreneurs have joined forces to build a mediation firm to provide outstanding customer service, conflict communication techniques and win-win results.

On June 1, Uptown Mediation opened its new office doors at the Valliance Bank Building on the corner of Lake Forest Drive and Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Uptown Mediation was guided by a need for flexible, creative and expedient alternatives to litigation.

Owners Amanda Lipscomb and Jarrod Ray have studied extensively with the most prestigious communication, sociological and dispute resolution professors at Southern Methodist University.

They received undergraduate degrees from SMU and are currently pursing Masters of Arts in Dispute Resolution degrees at SMU in Plano. They are skilled in the arts of negotiation and mediation.

“Our fresh approach to mediation was developed to meet the needs of our fast-paced world. We offer online mediation services and night and weekend appointments because people genuinely need flexible options,” said Amanda Lipscomb, co-owner.

Lipscomb is a graduate of McKinney Christian Academy and received a scholarship from the Women's Alliance of McKinney. She co-founded her firm in McKinney out of a desire to give back to her community.

International colleagues are recognizing the Uptown Mediation team as leading the field of mediation to define it as the fundamental source of peacemaking.

The company has a diverse team of eight individuals with unique backgrounds and experience -- including mediators who are multilingual, speaking English, Arabic, Spanish and French.

The team thrives on innovative problem-solving and productive simplicity that meets their clients’ needs.

“The mediation approach is much easier with the benefits of low-cost, expedient, win-win solutions as compared to the high-cost, win-loose and time-consuming traditional litigation process,” Jarrod Ray, co-owner, said.

Uptown Mediation has people in North Texas and beyond buzzing about its approach to mediation. Clients seeking Uptown Mediation's services are located in New York City and as far away as Prague, Czech Republic. The business model is paving the way for alternative dispute resolution trends to adapt to today’s needs.

For more information about Uptown Mediation or for details about the mediators and services, please visit or call 469-342-8825.