LocalHitz, a McKinney-based company that received support from the McKinney Economic Development Corporation's emerging technology program, recently completed a merger.  

Online marketing agencies LocalHitz and DigitalBreadCrumb (DBC) have completed an agreement to merge the two start-ups into a full-service online marketing agency. The new company formally commenced operations as of May 21.

The new company is called LocalHitz and combines the LocalHitz pay-per-click optimization platform with SocialConnect, DBC's social networking optimization platform.

Both companies were founded with a focus on bringing a higher ethical standard to the online marketing space, in which practices such as black-box markup, blocking advertiser access to publisher data, and tying advertisers to long-term contracts are commonplace.

New LocalHitz CEO Vittorio Rotelli underscores the synergy between the two companies, both from a product and philosophical point of view: "In order to provide a full range of services, DBC was looking to expand into search advertising and LocalHitz was, in turn, taking a closer look at the benefits of social network marketing," he said in a news release. "The fact that both companies were founded to right some wrongs in this space made this a perfect match."

Rotelli's background in online marketing includes more than three years as Area Director at ReachLocal, four years as Area General Sales Manager at Yellowbook, and six years as District Manager at AT&T.

The management team is rounded out by Chief Technology Officer and LocalHitz founder Dan Madoni, Chief Product Officer Adam Webber, and Chief Financial Officer James Bresnahan, each with a lengthy list of accomplishments in their respective fields.

The LocalHitz office in McKinney will serve as company headquarters and the center of engineering operations. DBC's Manhattan Beach, California office will serve as the company's center of sales operations.

About LocalHitz

LocalHitz is an online marketing agency that offers paid search and social media marketing to small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs). The LocalHitz platform utilizes predictive analysis, search engine optimization, and social media broadcasting to reach online consumers searching for a particular product or service, then measures and reports response activity. LocalHitz is the reliable and affordable solution for SMBs to advertise online, empower their message, and track results.