Dream Vacations become reality with Utmost Travel

After working for 22 years as an interior designer in the Dallas area, specializing in home remodeling, Vickie Roden was ready for a new challenge.  She and husband, Bob – avid travelers themselves – began researching franchise opportunities in the area. In the Fall of 2016, they purchased a franchise with one of the largest travel companies in the country.  A year later, the business had grown enough, that Bob elected to leave his 30-year career in advertising sales to join her in the venture.

The skill sets shared between this husband and wife team are extremely complementary. Vickie’s background – understanding clients’ interests, styles, and expectations in order to craft solutions for them – translates seamlessly to the travel industry. Bob’s people skills and background in sales allow him to work closely with clients by building a relationship based on trust, something that an online travel site could never offer. “We are your advocate,” Bob explained. “When you lose travel documents, or there is a problem at your hotel, who online are you going to call to help you?” Fair point well made, Bob.

With the backing of a nationally recognized travel agency (Cruise Planners), Bob and Vickie have access to hundreds of vendors including tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, hotels and resorts; this gives them the competitive edge in pricing (especially when it comes to packaging travel components like hotels and flights together.) Friends, never worry about booking your own travel again. Ever! Ask Bob and Vickie to deal with it for you. Take the stress out of planning and enjoy the benefits of Bob and Vickie’s extensive network at NO COST TO YOU! I think it is also worth noting that Bob and Vickie have exclusive access to special offers, promotions, and packages that consumers cannot access themselves.

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