Medical Center of McKinney unveiled the newest member of its surgical team on Wednesday – the Robot Arm Interactive Orthopedic System.

Because Medical Center of McKinney recently added MAKOplasty robotic hip and knee surgery, the hospital now can offer new treatment options for those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, or hip pain from degenerative joint disease.

Dr. Charles Toulson said approximately 60 percent of patients with arthritis in their knee are candidates for the new MAKOplasty robot.

“The knee is made up of three compartments: the inside, outside and under the kneecap,” Toulson explained. “If a patient has arthritis that is isolated to one or two areas, they are a candidate for robotic knee replacement. If the patient has arthritis in all three areas of the knee, they are a better candidate for a total knee replacement.”

Faster Recovery, Less Invasive

The doctor said the new technology greatly benefits patients because it offers a swifter recovery time and is less invasive.

“Partial knee replacement performed with the robot – the recovery time is decreased by at least half that of a traditional procedure because no ligaments are cut like they are in a knee replacement,” Toulson said. “Rehabilitation is much quicker than with a complete knee replacement – smaller incisions, less invasive, more precise incisions, quicker recovery time.”

Before this technology became available at Medical Center of McKinney, multiple surgical tools were required for a partial knee replacement. “This type of surgery is less painful with respect to complete knee replacement surgery,” Toulson said.

Technology for Hip Replacements

The new robotic technology can also be used for hip replacement surgery because it offers “more accuracy and more precision with [the] placement of implants. If the implants are in a better position, the hip should last longer,” Toulson said.

For physicians, being able to use the new technology is a gratifying experience. “I am able to operate more precisely and accurately, and give patient more options and better success for long term results,” Toulson explained.

The community benefits as well. McKinney is “one of the select few [communities] that have Center of Excellence in hip and knee replacement certification, so this technology puts Medical Center of McKinney that much more ahead with state-of-the-art services,” Toulson said.