McKINNEY (July 1, 2015) — “Sylvester and Molly – the story of Quilt.”

McKinney has been a melting pot for families of all walks of life, like many cities in the United States, for many years. However, McKinney has had the distinct privilege of being ranked by some, as the #1 City to live in in the U.S. and for good reason. With its rich culture and diverse communities, being dubbed by some as “just enough city and just enough country,” focus on newer technology and an unprecedented housing boom, McKinney has appeal to people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

However, it is not without its challenges too. National media has recently highlighted an event between police and teenagers that has divided some in this community. The availability of mobile phone video technology information brought McKinney to the forefront of the world when it comes to the subject of police and citizen behavior alike. The “Quilt”™ Project is designed to help people of the McKinney area become better informed about cultures other than their own to create a spirit of understanding and solidarity. Understanding can cause one to understand first before seeking to be understood which can help increase peace in a community.

Molly Brewer, a long-time resident of McKinney, relays how the Quilt™ Project came in to existence:

“In November 2014, Sylvester and I met by happenstance. It was one day after the big ice storm in McKinney. The sun was shining and roads melted just enough to get out and have lunch. My neighbor and I went to a local restaurant in McKinney. Sylvester was also there having a business meeting. We just started talking and laughing. We got to know each other over the next several months, sharing stories and our backgrounds and found that we had a lot in common. We became great friends. Well after the events of June 5, 2015 and all the different opinions I prayed for all involved and wanted to do something to help bring people into a the harmony McKinney is known for. I called my friend Sylvester and asked him over for waffles and coffee to discuss my idea. The name Quilt was born and we started a Facebook page the same day.”

The Quilt Concept

The concept of quilt is to have a gathering of friends, family people from our community of all walks of life meet together for a meal. Participants would be willing to commit to a month long project. One family would be paired with another family by lottery from different pools. During the month the families would go one night a week to the other family homes or a common restaurant in McKinney to have dinner, on alternating weeks. There would be basic guild lines and an agreement on the goal of getting to know one another. The community as a whole would meet on each the final Saturday of that month for a couple of hours to build something special for the community as a whole and discuss stories, tears and smiles of what was learned from that month’s participants. Like building a quilt, we can sew together a diversity of backgrounds and ideas into a single beautiful community. We believe that diversity of culture, belief, religion and thought should not divide us but enrich us.



The Quilt Mobile App

“As a mobile app developer, I see a great opportunity to use this technology to help the community share positive “Quilt” stories and foster communication between the City of McKinney and its citizens. The mobile app would allow a citizen the opportunity to video or take a snapshot of events as they are occurring in real-time. For example, a pothole that’s causing road and vehicle damage could be sent directly to the Streets department, a water main break could be sent directly to the Water Department, crimes in progress could be sent directly to authorities, a smoldering fire could be sent directly to the Fire Department. And the communication wouldn’t be one-way either. City officials could send timely information to its citizens through push notifications that would allow them to get vital information to citizens, like event reminders, even information to those who don’t live in McKinney but are from here, like military personnel who want to keep up with the city they have come to love even away from home.” – says Sylvester Raymond III, Managing Director for Streamlined Ingenuity in McKinney.

Jake Estes

Jake Estes

When Jake Estes, Esq. of Estes Law Firm located in McKinney, was asked what he thought of the advantage of a Quilt™ app for the City of McKinney, he said, “As a former prosecutor, I believe that any tool that allows law enforcement or the city to receive live, eyewitness accounts of incidents as they are occurring is a great thing. The Quilt™ App can provide District Attorneys with important information as to whether or not they should prosecute a case.”

Local resident, business owner and former police officer, Steven Spainhouer, also commented on the Quilt™ Project and App with these words: “The use of a social media application to reach out to people and engage them in what is happening in their community is fundamental to bringing a community closer together, while at the same time, allowing for a seamless flow of communication between the end user and those who collect and respond to and help with the flow of information. People today are relying more and more on smart technology, to not only communicate, but to insure information – critical information – gets to where it needs to be. Equally important is the seamless flow of return information to the end user.

A program like Quilt™ can enable city government to get information to its citizens in a more cost-effective manner – pushing the information out through push notifications – whether it is a community emergency, a community event or just information about city government in general. A program like Quilt will allow citizens to report issues to city government – like a pot hole that needs fixing or a street lamp that is out – or a need for city animal services and non-emergency issues. Quilt can help neighbors find missing pets, advertise local community events and perform a host of other “smart” services. Streamlined Ingenuity seems to have the answer to the questions not even asked. Now is the time to invest in smart technology that benefits us all.”

To learn more about the McKinney grown “Quilt Program” check us out and join us for a meal on Facebook at Quilt on Facebook.


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