McKINNEY (Nov. 6, 2015) — McKinney-based Fathom Realty has been named the Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage Firm in the country by INC Magazine.

Founded by McKinney resident Joshua Harley in 2010 Fathom started with 12 residential real estate agents. Today they total over 900 agents and have grown into 19 states. In the three most recent recording years reviewed by INC Magazine, Fathom has grown 2,860 percent. Texas remains the epicenter of their business thus far with nearly 500 agents statewide.

Fathom Realty logo

“Our technology tools, our business platform and access to our brokers are three things we provide that are filling the needs many agents have in these changing times,” said Harley. “we are blessed to have been recognized for our growth.”

According to INC Magazine’s annual review, in 2014 Fathom was the second fastest growing firm and No. 478 in the INC / Top 500 ranking. This year they moved into No. 128 overall and the No. 1 slot in the real estate brokerage / sales division.

The Fathom business model is agent and technology focused. The company does not have traditional ‘brick and mortar’ offices anywhere in the country.

“Internet technology now allows agents to work from home and spend more time with family – without sacrificing service to our clients,” said J.R. Russell, Texas Regional VP and Broker. “Our independent agents can conduct business; be professional and not waste time in an office.”

The founder and management team also follow the ‘no office’ model, as they too work from their homes, “My daily commute is 16 stairs up to my office,” noted Russell with a smile.

The Excel Group is a real estate-hotel management firm; not a real estate brokerage-sales firm.

Fathom Realty LLC is located at 6841 Virginia Pkwy., Ste. #103-448 in McKinney. For more information, call 972-836-8632 or visit online at