Five veteran Ambassadors were recognized as being the newest members of the 100,000 point club at the August Ambassador meeting held on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015.

Michael Dodson with Ink and Toner Texas, Kimberly Fink with Chiropractic Wellness Center, Lisa Hammett with eSBe Designs and Pixingo, Steve Hubbard with Keller Williams Realty McKinney and Clint Scofield with Legal Shield were each honored by the members for their hard work in reaching six figures in Ambassador points.

“Our Ambassador program is the goodwill arm of the Chamber, and you are the ‘boots on the ground,’ “ said Lisa Hermes, President of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. “We greatly appreciate what you do for us and for the [Chamber] members. Not only is it growing your business, you are growing the community as well.”

Lisa Hammett stands to talk about the Ambassador program, with fellow honorees Kimberly Fink and Steve Hubbard sitting at her left.

Lisa Hammett stands to talk about the Ambassador program, with fellow honorees Kimberly Fink and Steve Hubbard sitting at her left.


The point system set up by the Chamber Ambassadors is a way of rewarding members who have dedicated their time to grow the Chamber and its members.

“As the Chamber’s primary liaison to new chamber members, the Ambassadors play an essential role in member communication, charged with conveying member needs, questions and concerns to Chamber staff,” said Chris Nickell with Legal Shield, who is the 2015 Ambassador Chairman. “They have dedicated themselves to the Chamber, and you have to be dedicated for a long time. Generally it takes 5 to 8 years to reach 100,000 points.”

Points are earned by Ambassadors in three different ways:

  • Attending ribbon cuttings. That earns 100 points per event. 
  • Goodwill and New Member Calls. Face-to-face calls earn 200 points and phone contacts earn 50 points. Each Ambassador does about five of these a month.
  • Helping out at selected Chamber functions, earning 100 points per hour.



Ambassador and Team of the Month are recognized monthly. There are also awards each year, given during the Quarterly Luncheon and Annual Meeting held in January, where Ambassador and Team of the Year are honored. Honorees for 2014 were Nickell as Ambassador of the Year and Team Crystal [McDonald with Carpet Tech] as Team of the Year.

“These people have earned something big through their dedication to the Chamber,” Nickell said. “And you would be amazed how competitive people get for this program. When we announced the team of the month, they cheered loudly. They do it because they are dedicated to helping the Chamber reach its goal.”

Each new member stood up at the meeting and made comments on what being a Chamber member and Chamber Ambassador has meant to them, and a few were quite emotional.

Michael Dodson stands to talk about the Ambassador program.

Michael Dodson stands to talk about the Ambassador program.


>  Michael Dodson: “I opened my business in 2008, and I joined the Chamber right off. When you are an Ambassador, you are like family. We build friendships and bonds. I love the community. McKinney is a great place to live and work. I feel appreciated, and I feel I am giving back to the community.”

>  Kimberly Fink: “The more you get involved, the better it is for you and the community. It means a lot to me as an individual to be so connected to the community through the Chamber. It’s heartfelt to be a part of the Chamber and the Ambassador program and with the opportunity to meet new people and new businesses. It’s all about the connections you make. My motto has always been ‘be seen, be heard and referred.’ As Ambassadors, we are individuals coming together as one for the greater good of the community.”

>  Lisa Hammett: “I joined in 2005. I was Ambassador of the Year once. It’s a great way to promote your business and get out in the community. It’s a great satisfaction knowing how important our program and presence has been. Visiting a business is important to them.”

>  Steve Hubbard: “It’s been a thrill to see McKinney grow and see new businesses come to the city. I feel mightily blessed and impressed to be a part of the Ambassadors.”

>  Clint Scofield: “I love meeting and working with folks. I am on the Collin County Appraisal Board, and I wouldn’t have done that without the Ambassador program.”

The closeness of the program is reflected on other Ambassadors as well.

“They have consistently been there, through rain, snow or shine, at ribbon cuttings and other events,” said Payton Brooks with Farmers Insurance. “I am proud of each of them.”

Previous Ambassadors who reached the 100,000 point plateau include Sid Perlstein (Triangle P Enterprises), Glenda Munger (Beauticontrol Cosmetics), Pete McLellan (Cetera Financial Specialists) and the late John Ferguson.

For more information about the Ambassador program, visit the Chamber website at

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McKinney Online - Michael Dodson, McKinney Chamber of Commerce Ambassador   McKinney Online - Kimberly Fink, McKinney Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

Michael Dodson


Kimberly Fink

McKinney Online - Lisa Hammett, McKinney Chamber of Commerce Ambassador   McKinney Online - Steve Hubbard, McKinney Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

Lisa Hammett


Steve Hubbard

McKinney Online - Clint Scofield, McKinney Chamber of Commerce Ambassador    

Clint Scofield



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