McKINNEY (Jan. 21, 2014) — Klinkert Software & Services, Inc., based in McKinney, announces its pre-beta program for The Network Strategizer TM, a communications network planning and high level strategy design tool that helps develop an infrastructure for complex, large wireless, copper and optical communications networks.

"The Network Strategizer provides the ability to achieve and maintain a minimum cost network infrastructure technical strategy," said Anthony Klinkert, founder of Klinkert Software & Services, Inc. "We developed The Optimal Network Methodology TM to solve for the minimum cost network solution without compromising quality."

The Network Strategizer makes life much easier for the technical leader by uncovering an objective, balanced, repeatable and accurate strategy solution for tough infrastructure decisions.

Customers will be able to increase profit by reducing costs and increasing productivity. Areas of cost savings include:

  • A topology with the minimum number of costly links
  • Elimination of inefficient, underutilized and redundant links
  • Right-sized links for the given traffic and performance (lower cost equipment)
  • Minimum mix of antenna heights on candidate sites and leased towers
  • Optimum use of unlicensed (less expensive) versus licensed frequencies
  • Optimum mix of point-to-point (P2P), point-to-multipoint (PTMP) and mesh equipment
  • Improved coordination between internal teams (access, distribution, and core specialists)
  • Improved coordination between staff and cooperating (or competing) vendors, carriers, consultants, contractors and integrators

The Network Strategizer will save companies an estimated 10 to 30 percent over the lifecycle of a project by maintaining an optimum technology strategy throughout the lifecycle.

Klinkert Software & Services is offering a free trial of The Network Strategizer using the Optimal Network Methodology to a limited number of pre-beta customers. Interested customers are encouraged to visit the website at  and to contact us for more information.


About Klinkert Software

Klinkert Software & Services, Inc. provides communications network strategy tools and coaching for operations, planning, design, and implementation of infrastructure for medium and large communications networks, through software and a methodology developed from years of academic research and industry consulting. Founded by a leader in network architecture strategy, Anthony Klinkert, the company is dedicated to assisting organizations seeking to lower cost, while maintaining their high quality communications network throughout the entire network lifecycle. For more information about the company software and services, please visit or call 972-646-3380.