It’s going to be a tough month for parents of college-bound students.

Many already have — or will very soon — ship their pride and joy off to college and officially become empty nesters.

Parents are filled with all of the emotions as they prepare to send their grown-up children to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Whether your kids admit it or not, they will — or already are — miss you and their Texas hometowns. So, how can you help that homesick feeling go away?

How about surprising them with a homesick gift box with all of the things they are probably missing about Texas and you.

Lone Star Roots, a DFW-based company that specializes in fashionable and vintage Texas T-Shirts, hats and gifts, has you covered when it comes to all the things you and your kids love about the Lone Star State.

Carrie Ermence, owner of Lone Star Roots said for around $50 you could build a gift box that is sure to bring a smile to your student’s face.

“You could put a shirt, a hat and some of our popcorn in one of our boxes,” she said. “It really could be anything, a mug, a coaster or just anything we have that reminds people that they love where they come from. We did something like this last year and people really loved it.”