What can leap far distances, scale up tall buildings with their webbed feet, and brighten the day in Historic Downtown McKinney? Not Spiderman, but frogs!

Hopping the earth for the past 190 million years, frogs are as ancient as some dinosaurs. Scientists are still in dispute of their origin with theories including South America, Japan and, yes, even Texas!

And McKinney Main Street takes pride in its frogs, but not because they scale tall buildings, but because their friendly faces welcome visitors from all over.

The frog-shaped clay statues that decorate McKinney's downtown are brightly painted and draw admiration from the young and old,

The frogs show that McKinney Main Street is always hopping. A leisurely stroll, delicious lunch or an intimate dinner, a live performance, warm cup of joe, cold scoop of gelato or a shopping venture like no other -- they’re all waiting for you and your family, in downtown McKinney.

"Meet our friendly frogs," reads visitmckinney.com. "Many have a name, a special story and artistic creativity. You can find them hopping in store fronts throughout Historic Downtown McKinney.

"Why frogs you ask? Why not? They are hip, they hop and they add something quirky to the already unique venue we call home in McKinney."

Enjoy the frog photos by clicking here, and next time you visit, be sure and say hello to our webbed-footed friends.