FRISCO (Aug. 11, 2014) — Karen Anderson, owner and executive director of the LearningRx Frisco Brain Training Center, was presented with three awards at the company’s national convention held in Colorado Springs, Colo. They include the 2014 Employee of the Year Award, the 2014 Community Impact Award and the 2014 Customer Service Award.

The 2014 Employee of the Year Award is given company-wide, which means that Frisco’s Julie Chambers beat out employees at the 80-plus LearningRx Centers across the United States.

“I have come to rely on Julie in so many ways,” said Anderson. “I know that she always has our customer’s interest as her first concern. She exemplifies all the characteristics that I respect. She is caring, smart, confident, fun, and capable of doing any role in our center.

“Due to Julie’s ability to be so successful with our Frisco center, I was able to move forward and open a new center in McKinney. Julie has transitioned into being our Director for both centers in the past couple of months. She is a joy to have on my team and I enjoy each and every day getting to work with her! Thank you Julie for all you do everyday to change so many lives in our community!”

The Community Impact Award is determined by a center’s number of clients in a year and the 2014 Customer Service Award is given to centers that have shown a strong commitment to customer service.

“Our Frisco team has helped countless clients excel by training their brains to be faster and more efficient learners,” says LearningRx Vice President of Research & Development Tanya Mitchell. “Their personal brain trainers have produced not only life changing results, but also incredibly satisfied customers. The 2014 Customer Service Award honors them for their impeccable customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction.”

To determine customer satisfaction, LearningRx uses a 10-point scale and asks clients (or their parents) the likelihood they would recommend LearningRx to a friend.

The 10-point measurement of customer loyalty also works as a system to increase customer satisfaction. LearningRx has used the accountability program to create system wide profitable growth.

“Our brain training programs are based on personal, intensive cognitive exercises,” says Mitchell. “Although our clients’ results are obtained through hard work, everything is built on a foundation of trust between trainer and client. Brain training is a very customer-centric industry and the Frisco team works hard to not only strengthen brains, but also relationships.”


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