MCKINNEY, Texas, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Language Learning Market, an early stage EdTech marketplace and PaaS startup, announced opening a Seed Round, fundraising $500K, set to close Q1 2022. Language Learning Market is a women-owned and minority-led multinational C-Corp with offices in Mexico, India, Jordan, and headquartered at the MillHouse in McKinney, Texas.

The company will allocate funds raised to resources that will accelerate growth as a global platform for the educational resource industry. Specific investments in Marketplace team support, strategic partnerships, key marketing initiatives, and operations will boost site traffic and revenue growth. Language Learning Market has been awarded grants from the McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Innovation Fund, Impact Ventures, WomensNet, and IFundWomen for innovation in EdTech and timely business plan.

"With overwhelmingly positive feedback from early investors and our extensive advisor network, we are confident and look forward to raising these funds to advance Language Learning Market to the next level." Allison Monroe, Founder and CEO.

Benjamin Vann, Executive Director of Impact Ventures, is an early investor. Vann says, "As the world grows more integrated and divided all at the same time, the need for communication is greater than ever. We invested in Language Learning Market (LLM) because the company is poised to bridge the communication gap, one language learner at a time, through their unique marketplace solution. More importantly, we invested in LLM's hard working founders who not only have the ability to articulate their vision but have also demonstrated their strong capability to execute from launch to growth."

Education, one of the world's largest industries, is expected to reach $7.3 Trillion by 2025 in total global expenditure from governments, companies, and consumers. However, the global language learning industry is unorganized and disconnected--which was only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Language Learning Market curates and organizes educational resources in all languages on three distinct platforms, connecting parents and educators to the best learning resources worldwide.

1. Online Marketplace for buying and selling educational resources in all languages (think, Etsy)
2. Educational Industry Directory with curated business, school listings, and reviews (think, Trip Advisor)
3. Global Media Influencer Network is dedicated to expert advice and brand advertising (think, TED-Ed)

Allison Monroe and her Executive Team, launched the platforms in 2021, at a pivotal time as the COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the need for a centralized place where parents and educators can reliably find the best educational resources in multiple languages. "Last year, the future of education shifted to online learning and digital products, leading parents and educators around the world to scour the internet for the best educational resources. We bring the best in global education to one place," says Monroe.

Marketplace popularity has skyrocketed and now accounts for $2 trillion dollars a year in global sales. Moreover, the global language learning market is on track to reach $77B by 2024.

Monroe says, "We have built beautiful, robust platforms that are collaborative and crowdsourced, with low overhead and automated systems that create passive income for all involved. It is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur with available technology and furthermore, in EdTech, with the explosive growth of global online education. Global eLearning alone is expected to triple in 4 years to $350B. We are well positioned to scale our company to the next level with this funding."

About Language Learning Market
Language Learning Market, launched in 2021 and headquartered in McKinney, Texas, is an online global marketplace and directory for educational resources in all languages. Language Learning Market seeks to source the best learning resources from around the world under one roof. The company is comprised of 3 platforms; an online marketplace for buying and selling educational resources, an industry directory of educational businesses and schools, and a global media network dedicated to education for all.

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