Franconia Brewing Company, LLC, is a craft brewery based out of McKinney, independently owned and operated by Brewmaster Dennis Wehrmann. With a brewing heritage in his family dating back to the 1800s, Wehrmann brought his German beer culture to North Texas after moving here from Germany in 2003.

Wehrmann grew up in the brewing industry and became educated and experienced in one of the most, if not the No. 1, new-wave, consciousness-raising breweries, Neumarkter Lammsbräu. There, he was taught the philosophies, practices and possibilities of operating an economically and environmentally friendly brewery.

To this very day, the environment remains front and center to Wehrmann, beginning during the early construction of the Franconia brewery and, continuing on, as he built it from the ground, up with this vision in mind.

Franconia operates out of an energy-efficient building where we store our beer in a highly efficient walk-in cooler. We recycle our byproducts that result throughout the brewing process, reusing roughly 85% of the water utilized and salvaging leftover ingredients to provide as cattle feed. Our efforts allow us to successfully keep our waste to a minimum and maintain a trash-free facility to the extent that you won’t find even one dumpster on our property!

A few months ago, we caught wind of a new technology being introduced to the commercial market that allows for cost-effective, on-site energy generation through the use of clean, alternative and renewable energy sources. This new technology platform comes exclusively from a young company called, The Perfectly Green Corporation, with roots also in McKinney. Naturally, the technology grabbed our attention and we were eager to learn more about what a partnership with Perfectly Green would mean to Franconia.


We soon recognized that Perfectly Green’s unique alternative energy services come with absolutely zero capital outlay, operational risk or maintenance or servicing required by Franconia. Without any uncertainty or delay, we decided very quickly to be Perfectly Green’s first partner, and serve as its 1st commercial deployment, in taking advantage of the immediate cost savings while avoiding any wait time due to the heavy demand they’ve already received. As a result, Perfectly Green enabled Franconia to advance its environmental efforts to the next level, and onto a whole new frontier, where energy, economics and the environment converge.

As a result, Perfectly Green enabled Franconia to advance its environmental efforts to the next level, and onto a whole new frontier, where energy, economics and the environment converge.

At that point, it was clear that it was no longer enough for us to merely purchase our energy needs from Green Mountain alone. Instead, this one-of-a-kind technology would allow us to supplement our energy needs with 100% clean, alternative energy, at the same time, allow us to generate that energy on our property for smarter, less expensive and more direct delivery. In partnership with Perfectly Green, Franconia not only saves money on its energy consumption but also improves its recycling efforts through the technology’s effective recovery, recapture and redistribution of waste byproducts into sources of energy.

By way of a proprietary blending process, Perfectly Green’s patent-pending, ETL-certified technology and software platform integrates multiple energy resources into one consistent stream of energy in the form of electricity, heating and/or cooling. All of the energy is generated and delivered on location, in real time, and at below-market prices, and used to supplement only a portion of the total energy needs provided by the utility. Additionally, Perfectly Green’s technology interconnects to an independent utility meter for seamless communication and interaction with the utility grid while avoiding any disruption to the property or its business operations. Additionally, the technology’s modular design strategically accommodates and tailors to various different property sizes, commercial footprints, and load profiles.

As a proud partner of The Perfectly Green Corporation, we are proudly hosting an event to officially launch the Perfectly Green project at Franconia on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 4 p.m. Together, Franconia and Perfectly Green aptly reaffirm that McKinney, Texas truly is Unique by Nature.

Franconia has been brewing German beer for years in strict conformance to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law, by utilizing only water, barley, hops and yeast to keep its beer true to style and simplicity, and to keep its beer as clean as good beer should be kept.

Tours of the Franconia Brewing Company are held every Saturday at 11 a.m.