The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Stonebridge Videography's request to use drones to take aerial video and pictures.

"In order to use drones for commercial purposes other than hobby, you have to be approved by the FAA in Washington, D.C.," said Bruce Quernemoen of Stonebridge Videography. "Because the backlog of applications, it's an eight-month process. I applied last July and just got approved in March."

Stonebridge Videography, located in McKinney, is one of the few companies in Texas to be granted this approval. Quernemoen says around 10 are located in the Dallas area.

According to the FAA, drones are in a classification called "Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)." Quernemoen uses drones for aerial photos.

"If it's a property that is large or perhaps a construction sites in progress, giving them an option of seeing something other than ground pictures can be beneficial," he said. "Recently I went for Toyota Stadium and the new Cowboys complex in Frisco."

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