Since 2007, Aveda and the salons within the Aveda Salon Network have come together during the month of April to raise money for clean water projects around the world, partnering with organizations that help provide access to sustainable, safe drinking water and those that protect and rehabilitate polluted bodies of water. Toward that effort, the Aveda Network has proudly raised $32 million to date.

Locally, Evolve Hair Studio, an Aveda Concept Salon, is partnering with neighboring businesses on the historic downtown square to raise money for the Gulf Coast Restoration Network – a non-profit organization that is working to clean and rehabilitate the damaged U.S. Gulf Coast due to pollution, oil spills and wetland encroachment as well as address many of the economic impacts of pollution on businesses. Of the over 17,000 miles of Gulf coastline, Texas represents just over 3,500 miles of that.

The Gulf Coast Restoration Network was formed in 1994 when several conservation/environmental protection groups came together to join forces for common goals, not only to protect the environment of the Gulf Coast, but also to help preserve those economic interests as well.

This organization has been instrumental not only during the highly public BP Oil Spill, its clean-up, and helping with the resulting economic challenges in the region, they have also been a powerful force behind wetlands rehabilitation in and around Louisiana coast lines, where figures point to wetlands losses averaging a football field per day. These wetlands are the principle defense against the powerful storm surges of hurricanes as well as acting as barriers to intense hurricane-force winds.

If you would like to read more about the organization, their mission and their victories for the Gulf Coast and the oceanic habitats that drive so much economic activity in our state, you can find it at their website

To help support this worthwhile Earth Month cause, Evolve Hair Studio will be raffling off an “Earth Month Square Basket.” Within the basket, there will be items from many of the businesses on the square as well as information about the business and where to find them. Tickets for the “Square Basket” raffle will be $10 each or buy 5 get 1 free or buy 10 and get 5 for free and ALL money raised in the raffle (100% of every single penny raised) will be going to the Gulf Coast Restoration Network.

The basket is valued at $568 and includes products, services and gift certificates to many of your favorite businesses on the square including The Loco Cowpoke, Snug on the Square, The Groovy Coop, Hugs Cafe, The Celt, Landon Winery, Uptown, Cotton Hearts, McKinney Wine Merchants and Evolve Hair Studio.

“Caring for the world we live in and giving back to our community is an integral part of the Aveda mission, as well as our mission statement at Evolve Hair Studio,” owner Evve Kuykendall said. “It is incumbent upon us all to find ways to make a difference and we are so fortunate to be surrounded by a community of businesses that place a high value on helping one another making a difference right here in our own state, our neighbors along the Gulf, and around the world.”

You can purchase your raffle tickets for this fundraiser at Evolve Hair Studio through the entire month of April. The winning ticket will be drawn on May 3.