Talk to a handful of business owners in downtown McKinney, and many will say the area is changing. New, niche businesses are opening; some businesses are relocating to be closer to the heart of The Square; and others are expanding or renovating their space.

One reason for these changes is due to the altering demographics seen in downtown, as business owners say they are noticing a younger crowd visiting the area. Many downtown McKinney businesses used to close at 5 p.m., but now the streets get busy at that time as more people now refer to downtown as a destination.

Owner of Spoons Cafe Karen Klassen took advantage of the changing trend in downtown by renovating what was the overflow seating at Spoons to open a place for adults called The Garage, 101 E. Louisiana St., McKinney.

“I saw at nighttime the business had changed so much, so the back room wouldn’t fill up,” she said. “… I saw what was going on and the transition of downtown McKinney, and I really felt the need for a place to do a quieter venue, still serve some really good comfort foods in smaller portions and some really great craft cocktails for the ‘grownup’ Spoons people.”

In addition to businesses changing, the footprint of downtown is expanding with the opening of mixed-use developments and parking garages and some businesses shifting east of The Square across Hwy. 5.

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