When Collin County Regional Airport in McKinney began construction in 2005 for a new runway, officials had a vision of the future, and how the airport could help the city and the area grow.

The $52 million project came in almost $9 million under budget and has received several positive reviews.

Airport Improvement Magazine writes:

"Runway 18-36 at Collin County Regional Airport (TKI) is more than a new takeoff and landing surface. It’s the centerpiece of $43.4 million in recent airfield improvements and a concrete example of local optimism and support for the North Texas general aviation airport.

"While federal and state agencies offered grants to bring the facility up to current general aviation airport standards, TKI had bigger things in mind — specifically, commercial service. And with backing from the City of McKinney and local business leaders, the airport realized its vision."

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State Aviation Journal writes:

"Thought to be the single largest project in Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Aviation history, the recently completed $52 million runway project at Collin County Regional Airport (KTKI) in McKinney, Texas, incorporates just about every aspect of modern airport development.

"The project, according to Airport Director, Kenneth Wiegand, has led to the transformation of the entire airport and has had an incredible effect on enhancing "un-sexy airport things" like perimeter management and control (security), wildlife and storm water management, a new contract air traffic control tower, instrument approaches and the airport’s overall utility."

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The new runway opened for business with its first flight in late July.

Official dedication of the airport's runway was held on Nov. 9.