Members since 1999, Sauls Wrecker Service shares their insights on business and being a member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

Who are you and what is the name of your business?

My name is Keith LaFollett. My wife Sherrie and I own Sauls Wrecker Service.

What inspired you to start your business?

I worked for Sauls for several years both full and part-time and was given the awesome opportunity to buy Sauls by Tony Sauls in 2007.

What services or products do you offer?

We are a full-service light duty towing service and also have a Vehicle Storage Facility and tow for McKinney Police Department & Collin County Sheriff Department.

What is unique about your business?

Sauls has operated out of the same location servicing the residents of Collin County since 1956! We are also the longest operation Tow Service in Collin County.

How does your business give back to the community?

We work with our corporate customers to provide towing for residents that currently cannot afford towing. We have also, on occasion, provided vehicles to folks that are in need of transportation to get themselves back on their feet. We also work with the Collin County Sheriff Dept. & McKinney Ex-Students Association as a Sponsor of their yearly golf tournaments.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to get where are today?

I prefer to call them opportunities rather than obstacles... we have had the opportunity to buy an existing business and work to continue its great reputation. 2008 thru 2012 were challenging times in our industry but with hard work, great employees and consistent effort we came through with flying colors.

What methods have you used to grow your business?

We listen to our customers and provide what they want. It’s not about what we want to do it's about what our customers want us to do.

What is the secret to keeping happy customers?

Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, for a reasonable price! Communicate Communicate Communicate! Did I mention Communicate?

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My Granny has always been my greatest inspiration! She worked in the Cotton Mill in McKinney from the age of 16 till she was 67!  She raised three kids and me! She taught me to take care of my family, work hard, do what’s right and help others. Her home was where members of her family came to live when they were down on their luck. I have always found that when I did what she taught me things always turned out OK.

What is your most favorite thing about your business?

a. My most favorite thing about owning Sauls is being able to help customers in need and the interaction with them in the process.

b. My least favorite thing about owning Sauls is that we are open 24/7/365. We have not been closed for 5 minutes since 1972!

Where do you see your business going in the future?

I certainly wish I had a crystal ball but I don’t. The one thing I am SURE of is that things will change. We must be able to recognize that change, accept it for what it is and use it to make us better.

To what do you attribute your success?

Without a doubt “Hard Work and Great Employees”!

What is the Chamber's effect on your business?

The Chamber gives us positive recognition with both new and existing residents and businesses in McKinney.