Longtime McKinney Chamber of Commerce member, Payton Brooks shares his insights on business and being a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Who are you and what is the name of your business?

My name is Payton Brooks and I own The Payton Brooks Agency.  I am an agency owner with Farmers Insurance.

What inspired you to start your business?  

I spent 20 years in the supermarket business.  One day a close friend told me that I was one of the nicest guys he knew but I was failing at being a good husband and a good father.  I pondered this for some time and came to the realization that he was correct.  I spent all my time in my career doing what was good but neglecting the best things in life, my faith in God and my family.  I chose the insurance business because I want to help people. It afforded me the opportunity to spend more time pursuing those best things in life.

What services or products do you offer?  

We offer any type insurance product out there for families or businesses, except for health insurance and Medicare plans.  We also help people with retirement plans.  

What is unique about your business?  

My goal is to help people make informed decisions on their insurance and retirement needs.  I am not trying to just sell somebody a product.  We have real relationships with our customers.  They are our friends. 

How does your business give back to the community?  

We actively serve in our church, the McKinney Chamber, the Collin County Conservative Republicans and have been very involved with the Kiwanis Club of McKinney for years.  I want to serve the community in which I live with a servant’s heart. 

What obstacles did you have to overcome to get to where you are today?  

I learned to “Eat the frog first!”  Making the priority each day to not procrastinate but to take care of those items you might not like to do.  This helps cut down on stress and gets things done.

What methods have you used to grow your business? 

I have tried everything under the sun but have found that the best way to grow a business is to become a part of the community.  Volunteer, network and just getting involved is the key and it’s a lot of fun!

What is the secret to keeping happy customers?

Treat every customer how I want to be treated.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?  

My wife Jennifer.  She is my biggest fan, the one who tells me the truth when nobody else will.  She always sees the best in everyone and does not give up on anyone!

What is your most/least favorite thing about your business?

Being able to put together a plan for a family or business that everyone hopes they will never need but seeing that plan work really well when they need it. 

Where do you see your business going in the future? 

Only God knows!  We will keep doing what we are called to do and let Him take care of the results. 

To what do you attribute your success?

My personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

How are you involved in the chamber?

I help with LINKS and serve as an Ambassador. 

What’s the best advice you would give a new chamber member to get the most out of their membership? 

Get involved!  Locate the one or two things that the chamber has available to its members that you can really relate to and “dig in”.  Don’t be discouraged!    

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