McKinney Chamber of Commerce member, Mike's Health Collection, shares insights on business and being a member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

Located in the corner of a strip mall off Central Expressway and White Avenue for 22 years is Mike's Health Collection. Mike Sammons started his store at a time when the population in McKinney was 29,000 people and everyone said "a health food store will never make it here". Mike's lifetime love and studies in nutrition inspired him to open his store. Previously Mike had his own computer company and was nominated as one of the finalist in The Dallas Morning News "Entrepreneur of The Year".

Here's what Mike had to say:

Not only do customers find what they need for better health among the supplements we offer, but they can also get a healthy protein smoothie if interested in working out or weight management. Our smoothies are considered healthy because we don't dump a lot of sugar in them or ingredients that are high in carbs. They are definitely on the healthy end of the smoothie spectrum. A wide range of high quality supplements are available at Mike's. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and aromatherapy oils are among his offerings. We stock over 6,000 items for our customers. I simply do not sell supplements made by the lowest bidder or allow an inferior product on my shelves. My customers receive only the highest quality supplements that have been thoroughly reviewed.

Our store has had 22 straight years of increasing sales. I attribute that to several reasons. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated, calling each of them by name. If they have a question, we are knowledgeable enough to have a correct, helpful answer. I have the very best employees who do their best to spoil and service the customer. Without my manager Deb Harry and behind the scene manager Joe Paris, I would be in trouble. I also have found that Facebook is a tremendous way to advertise and promote my business. I can get my information in front of thousands of people instantly.

We continue to break new records every year thanks to our loyal customers who want answers to tough health questions. I am very proud to be a McKinney Chamber member as I feel it is a wonderful resource  for finding customers and making new business contacts that help me run my business.