Local Marketing Agency Brings Added Focus to Neuromarketing

MCKINNEY, Texas (September 5, 2018) – Centipede Digital, a Texas based marketing and sales solution agency, is proud to announce that they are expanding their presence into McKinney with an office that increases their focus on neuromarketing and consumer research.

“We have always focused on marketing as the science behind our clients' advertising campaigns and have developed some cutting-edge sales and marketing methodologies as a result,” said Tom Morganelli, CEO of Centipede Digital. “Expanding our neuromarketing capabilities helps our clients accelerate their communications’ effectiveness by better understanding the effects of immersive hyper-personalized advertising on human beings.” 

Traditional marketing can sometimes ignore emotional triggers and the choices made unconsciously by consumers, therefore neuromarketing is used to learn about the mental processes behind why consumers make certain purchasing decisions.

“Data doesn’t lie”, said Morganelli. “Our goal is to help businesses in McKinney and surrounding cities make smart and cost-effective marketing decisions, based on true consumer behavior.”

Centipede Digital is an independent marketing agency that is fueled by data. The agency focuses on market research and consumer analysis in order to build out campaigns and make effective marketing decisions for their clients. Currently, the agency focuses on the following verticals: healthcare, education, retail, professional services, and food/beverage.


About Centipede Digital

Centipede Digital was established in 2012. They are an independent marketing and sales agency with headquarters in Allen, Texas and an office in McKinney off of Louisiana Street. The agency works with businesses of all sizes to fuel smarter marketing that is more relevant, personal, and engaging. Centipede Digital is a proud member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. 


If you would like to learn more about Centipede Digital, please contact webmaster@centipede.digital or give us a call at our McKinney Office (469) 631-0014. Visit our website