Celebrate your "independents" in the month of July!

McKinney First! Be Vocal. Buy Local. Take the McKinney First Pledge and support local businesses.

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce recognizes and supports what independent businesses bring to the community -- and encourages you to do the same.

Visit www.mckinneyfirst.com to take the “Buy Local” pledge and learn more about the benefits of shopping in your hometown. Of every $100 spent in our community with local merchants, $68 stays in the community to be recirculated and reinvested.

Anyone who takes the "Buy Local Pledge" during the month of July will be entered into a drawing to win $100 to the McKinney Chamber-member business of your choice. To enter, just go to www.mckinneyfirst.com and click on the “Take the Pledge” icon in the center of the page.

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