Carpet Tech, which opened its McKinney store on March 4, offers three simple steps to expert carpet care for your busy spring cleaning season. Like never before, the entire carpet industry is focused on your satisfaction and health as a carpet owner. From mills and stores to installers and cleaning services like ourselves, the common goal is to make your ownership of carpeting the safest and most positive experience possible.

Three simple steps to expert carpet care:

1. Regular Thorough Vacuuming – This should be done thoroughly and regularly, especially in high traffic areas. For best results, use a vacuum with a beater bar or rotating brush and plenty of suction. Change bags and filters routinely, and keep recovery tanks clean. Studies show that even a well maintained vacuum can lose 80% of its “pick up ability” when the bag reaches 25% full.

2. Prompt Clean Up of Spills – Prompt clean-up is a must. The longer you wait, the harder the stains are to remove. The best approach is to immediately clean up as much of a spill as possible. Use clean white absorbent materials – towels, napkins or tissues. Clean, warm water should be used to blot the spot. Always blot up spills, don’t rub or brush – working from the outer edge to the center of the spot. NEVER use all –purpose spray cleaners, bleach, or alkaline detergents. You can damage your carpet. Also remember: some stains need professional treatment.

3. Periodic Professional Cleaning – Soiling and loss of texture are two reasons manufacturers’ warranties require annual deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner. Professional carpet cleaning calls for thorough understanding of, among other things: fibers, and fabric types, carpet construction and proper installation techniques, soil types and degrees of soiling, carpet location and traffic patterns, the use of professional cleaning equipment and correct application of advanced pre-treatment, cleaning, rinsing and post-treatment solutions. Skilled technicians who have been thoroughly trained and tested on fiber identification and proper cleaning procedures and the use of the finest equipment and materials available is what you’ll find when you call Carpet Tech.

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