The CORE Team, Supreme Lending NMLS# 399111

When you combine two successful, like-minded companies you have a recipe for success. Biggs Realty and The CORE Team of Supreme Lending have partnered to form the perfect one-stop shop for your real estate and mortgage needs. With Biggs Realty's cutting edge, automated marketing technology, and The CORE Team's record-breaking closing times (10-day average), real estate agents have more tools and more support than ever before.

We originated this partnership so agents can market themselves and their listings more efficiently and to close deals faster. Both companies continually innovate and streamline our internal processes to benefit the agents and their clients. Whether it's automating every aspect of an agent's daily marketing routine or streamlining loan origination and underwriting processes to create record-breaking closing times, both companies provide unique and unrivaled tools to real estate agents. Our goal is to make you more money in less time and this partnership paves the way for future growth and innovation.

Now is the time for change, now is the time to innovate. We believe that automating portions of your daily workflow is essential to staying consistent with your branding, marketing, communication and success. If you're interested in how we can benefit you and looking take your business to the next level, reach out to us today.