Five things to look for when you are looking for a quality pool service in McKinney

For most swimming pool owners, it’s essential to hire a pool cleaning service to perform the maintenance you can’t or don’t want to do. These experts can maintain all your pool equipment, including filters and hoses, so you won’t have to lift a finger. But how do you know the company you choose will get the job done? Consider five important factors when choosing a swimming pool maintenance provider to find the best pool cleaners.

What to Look For

1. Experience

A pool cleaning service which has been in business for years has perfected its approach and can provide the fastest, most thorough results. They’re also most likely to be able to identify and cope with any problems, as they’ve often encountered the same issues before.

2. Kickstart Service

After a winter of disuse, your pool water is in no shape to swim in once the weather warms up. A good pool cleaning service should provide comprehensive service including water testing and pool shocking at the start of the season.

3. Reputation

The best way to learn how a company will act in the future is to see how they’ve done in the past. Get a recommendation from your friends, family, or neighbors about which services they like, or go online to see what other customers have to say about a business.

4. Replacements & Repairs

Beyond basic pool cleaning, what do you need from your provider? Minor repairs and equipment installation are separate services which not all providers offer. Choosing a company that includes these offerings will make it easier for you to keep your pool functional and make any intended upgrades without seeking out and vetting additional providers.

5 Qualities to Look for in a Pool Cleaning Service, McKinney, Texas

5. Price & Quality

If you are considering multiple companies to handle your pool cleaning needs, weigh the price with the quality of the work you expect to receive. Does the company run background checks on and certify all its employees to ensure your home and pool will be taken care of by the best employees possible? Additionally, consider whether the company runs specials or offers referral bonuses if you have friends with pools.


If you’re looking for a local pool cleaning service in the McKinney, TX area, choose Pool Scouts of McKinney Northeast and DFW. This independent branch of the Pool Scouts franchise offers fast, thorough cleaning and maintenance. For questions about the services offered and pricing information, call (469) 352-9191, or request a quote online.