Here Are A Few Essential Travel Apps For Your Trip

With the holiday travel season approaching, millions of folks are planning to head home to see the family, get away to the slopes, or celebrate the holidays in Europe.


So while there are a lot of really great apps to make your travel more efficient and enjoyable, I’m going to talk today about three travel apps that I use all the time - and I’d love to hear from you whether you’ve heard of or have used any of these before.





The first app is called Seat Guru. Seat Guru provides color coded ratings for seats on specific flights.. like green for good, yellow for mixed review, and red for bad. A bad seat may be known for having a broken seat back, and a mixed review seat may not have a powerport or tv screen. Just plug your flight info into the Seat Guru app, and the seat map will show you which seats to avoid.


The next one is Flight Aware. If you’re ever standing in the departure lounge waiting for a delayed flight, you can either be at the mercy of the gate agent’s announcements - or you can go to Flight Aware to see where your plane is and when it’s expected to depart. I’ve received Flight Aware updates on delayed or cancelled flights before than the airline’s announcements many times, which has helped me get a jump on finding a different flight while everyone else is in the dark.



The last app I want to share with you today is Google Translate. With the Google Translate app, just type your question or statement into the Google Translate app, and it’s translated into the language of your choice. Even better, SPEAK to the app, and you’ll get your translation spoken back to the person you’re talking to. This makes venturing to foreign countries without a translator a whole lot easier.



Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you! Until next time, safe travels!