Today's brides are using the power of technology in almost every aspect of their special day.

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Years ago, when brides-to-be wanted to plan their weddings, they consulted their mothers and Emily Post. While moms and manners experts continue to be both trusted and valued sources when prepping for the big day, today’s brides often harness the power of technology in just about every aspect of their special day, from planning to production.

Callen Garcia, a McKinney-based bride marrying this August, and her mom, Carolyn Garcia, are using technology and the internet to create the wedding of her dreams. “Technology has made the entire Process of wedding planning so much easier. I feel like I am more in control of the details. I have used a ton of resources, including Pinterest, wedding websites and the internet to access information and keep everything stored right on my phone. It’s just so much more organized this way,” explains Callen.

Callen joins 65% of brides using technology to revolutionize the planning of their weddings. Wedding websites provide information on registries, details on the Ceremony and the reception, hotel room blocks and more. Popular wedding sites include The Knot and Martha Stewart’s, which are free and have even migrated to easy-to-use phone applications. Carolyn notes, “These sites keep track of how many months we have until the wedding and provide a very detailed account of what we’ve done and what we still need to do. When we are on the go, it is an invaluable resource.”


Like Callen, three in five brides use Pinterest during the wedding planning process to find inspiration. They also are able to show their vendors and wedding party concepts they prefer for every facet of wedding planning. Pinterest’s do-it-yourself (DIY) emphasis has reinvented the industry for the brides themselves in addition to vendors, planners, and media. According to Editor-in-Chief of Brides, Anne Fulenwider, “Pinterest has really exploded and changed the conversation,” estimating a majority of her readers are pinners, repinning other users’ favorites, searching the Web for new stock and uploaded their own pictures.

iTunes can help organize the music for your wedding and reception.

iTunes can help organize the music for your wedding and reception.


Gone are the days of emailing photos back and forth of dresses and flowers to ask input and opinions. Instead, brides create a wedding board of ideas to share instantly. Brides are even able to create a secret board within the site, ensuring all of the exclusive details of the coveted wedding dress, wedding attire or wedding plans can be kept from the world before they are ready. “I don’t know a bride who doesn’t use Pinterest when planning a wedding. It is so convenient, and I don’t know what brides did before it existed,” says Callen with a grin.


In addition to Pinterest, photography is a critically important element in wedding planning. Because the proliferation of digital technology in cameras has turned everyone’s “Cousin Bill” into a photographer, most professional photographers are now developing much more extensive and creative services for their clients. All the while, the explosion of social media creates an entirely new marketing channel for the product.

Everyone is now familiar with instantaneous photos being posted to social networks via smartphones, and scores of helpful apps to plan your big day are now available.

Everyone is now familiar with instantaneous photos being posted to social networks via smartphones, and scores of helpful apps to plan your big day are now available.


Tom Knapik, with tomK Photography, utilizes a number of innovative applications to allow brides to collect and share all of their photos almost instantly. “The ability for our brides to share their photos is very important to them. We offer a couple of free apps, allowing brides to consolidate photos from our photography sessions as well as their guests’ shots into one location for sharing on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets. It’s instant, and our brides don’t have to wait to share photos. They love it!”


Overall, brides are embracing social media as a planning tool, as reported by a recent survey from David’s Bridal. 59% of brides update their Facebook statuses to “married” or change their username by the next day, and 49% of brides would consider broadcasting their wedding on Skype or via U-Stream. Many brides create a specific Twitter “hashtag” to include all wedding-related tweets leading up to and on the big day, and some even post it at the wedding itself, allowing guests to tweet updates during the event and reception.

In years past, straight video of the wedding ceremony was taken, often lasting hours. Today, many wedding videos are completed as a “fusion” film style, taking footage from the ceremony as well as highlights of their engagement, photographs of the bride, groom, family, guests and the party itself, producing a film of all of the events. The edited videos generally last 10 to 15 minutes and encapsulate the wedding and all of the key events leading to their union. Tom continues, “With fusion wedding films, the event is emotionally charged and tells the beginning, middle and end to the story, bringing an exciting journalistic style that communicates and embraces their journey together.”

McKinney Online

tomK Photography offers brides several ways to share their images online and also produces view-finder reels which are gaining popularity.


While wedding trends are moving to instant sharing and fusion films, many brides are incorporating retro themes on their big day, utilizing Polaroid cameras and showcasing view-finders with photos of the engagement session at the reception. Tom adds, “We let our customers take the Polaroid pictures, and everyone generally has a ball.

View-finders are fun and unique while representing how everything comes back around through the generations. I have found that our brides really enjoy the older ‘toys’ from years past, and it provides a different spin on the big day.”

A groomsman mulls over a digtial slide resentation.

A groomsman mulls over a digtial slide presentation.


It’s difficult to think of any part of wedding planning that hasn’t been revolutionized by technology. With almost every aspect about planning and attending a wedding available on websites, blogs and boards, it’s easier than ever for brides to find what they need as they plan the wedding of their dreams.


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