Why? Because for every $100 you spend on your furry friend in McKinney, $68 stays in McKinney. Buy Local – McKinney First! Is a program of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, funded in part by the McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC). The MCDC also funds Parks & Open Space improvements like the dog park at Bonnie Wenk Park – a direct benefit to McKinney from Buying Local. Click here to read more about this great facility. All of these products can be found at local McKinney merchants including the Canine Cookie Company.

Storm Soother - McKinney Online

Storm Soother

Is your pooch terrified of storms? Try the ThunderShirt compression jacket that wraps your dog in soothing comfort to help relieve stress. Comes in seven sizes.



Bow Wow Bling - McKinney Online



Bow Wow Bling

Does Sparky need a little sparkle? Foxy Glam collars have a removable strap that can be customized with your dog’s name or charms.



Custom Collars Handmade in McKinney - McKinney Online



Custom Collars Handmade in McKinney

These martingale style collars provide more control over your dog without the choking effect of a slip collar. A huge selection of fabrics is available to match the panache of your pooch. Etsy.com/shop/muttnutcreations



Tasty Treats - McKinney Online



Tasty Treats

The Canine Cookie Company makes it’s dog treats from scratch and employs several McKinney stay-at-home moms who cut each treat by hand. We hear the Squirrels are wildly popular.




Made with Love - McKinney Online

Made with Love

One-of-a-kind pottery bowls are made locally by Sona Knox of The McKinney Art House on the pottery wheel. These bowls are rugged and suitable for food or water.



Bowser Beer - McKinney Online



Bowser Beer

Don’t worry, Bowser Beer is non-alcoholic and your dog with love it. It’s a liquid treat made with USDA beef or chicken, malt barley for B-vitamins and added Glucosamine for your dog’s joint health. You can even order custom labels with your dog’s photo!



Gaga for Gooby - McKinney Online



Gaga for Gooby

Gooby harnesses come in a range of fabrics and sizes and have a unique designs that wrap around the dogs body rather than the neck. This offers dogs freedom of movement and comfort along a choke-free experience for those dogs who pull hard or older dogs who need a little more support. The “picnic harness” is pictured.



Pet Portraits - McKinney Online



Pet Portraits

Local McKinney artist Helen Bailey can immortalize your pet with a beautiful portrait done in colored pencils. She works from high-quality photographs of your pet to capture their spirit. Helenbaileyart.com.