Thankfully, scarves have been “on trend” forever: Mod, Hippie Chic, Boho, Old World or Classic, there is a scarf for everyone. However, some of us are at a loss as to how to wear them, so here are a few simple styles to experiment with while having fun in the process.

Dorie Helsley of Cotton Hearts in Downtown McKinney has fun working with her customers while they try out the latest arrivals. “This wonderful accessory brings such versatility to our wardrobes, which makes getting dressed even that much more fun!”

Here are some scarf tying techniques:

1. Simple Wrap

Fold the square diagonally, making a triangle. Roll or fold from pointed end. Fold scarf lengthwise keeping one end a bit longer. Wrap around neck. Take both ends and bring it through the loop.

• • •

McKinney Online - Ascot

2. Ascot

Begin in front. Wrap around neck and back to the front. Bring one end up through bottom loop. (Great for under coats).

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McKinney Online - Continuous Loop

3. Continuous Loop

You will need a fairly large, lightweight scarf for this style. Tie opposite ends of scarf together. Loop softly around neck to desired length.

McKinney Online - Simple Loop

4. Simple Loop

Begin in front, wrap around neck to the front and loosely pull though bottom loop.

• • •

McKinney Online - The Wrap

5. The Wrap

You will need a somewhat long and wide scarf. Wrap around both shoulders on an angle, keeping one end a bit longer. Pull one side under arm and across body. Tie loosely to the side. (Great for over dresses.)

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McKinney Online - Simple Windsor

6. Simple Windsor

Bring scarf around neck. Take one side and knot it around other side, tightening it as needed.

About the author: Deborah Viapiana-Ricci is a Fashion Stylist and writer living in Historic Downtown McKinney with her husband, Wil. She can be found happily practicing her Girl Scout knot-tying tricks with her favorite wraps.