Three students from local Performing Arts Conservatory cast for production

Three students at Ovation Academy of Performing Arts have recently been cast as part of a television pilot being locally produced. "Still The One" will be shot in the Weatherford and DFW metroplex. Rio Rancho Studios is the production company. The series stars Emma Kelly as Cherry Rodgers and Averly Belle Burns as Dee Dee Jenkins, from an original script written by director Mikey Morewood and actress Emma Kelly.

Averly Belle Burns is a Freshman Musical Theatre Major at the new performing arts conservatory academy located in Prosper, TX. Burns snagged the role of Dee Dee Jenkins after Morewood and his crew had spent nearly two years searching for just the right fit in talent and chemistry to co-star with Kelly. Soon after Burns was cast, Morewood visited Ovation Academy and observed a showcase in which multiple students performed. He was immediately drawn to Junior Acting Major, Jake Ryan Scott, who was next to be included in a supporting role. Joe Nativi, Freshman Acting Major, later joined the production as well. According to Morewood, “the talent at Ovation is so deep that I am sure I will add more students to our cast as we progress.”

Principal photography is planned for November 2018.

In 1984, sixteen year old Cherry Rodgers, street racer extraordinaire and the infamous "Queen of the Quarter Mile", has challenged the son of legendary race track promoter J. Johnson (“JJ”) to a race during his stop over in her small town on his Figure 8 racing circuit.  If she can beat a professional in front of everyone, she’ll really gain the notice of the town and JJ, and hopefully bring herself one step closer to her dream of becoming a professional racer. Things get complicated when she has to drag along dead weight in her car in the form of a fellow student, Dee Dee, who has been assigned to shadow a classmate for a journalism assignment. Cherry the lone wolf learns to get along and even to blossom a friendship in Dee Dee, but when her prized possession, her 1971 Chevelle “Judy” breaks down at the moment of truth, JJ’s son grants her one more chance to take him on before he leaves town, prompting Cherry and Dee Dee to work together to find a fast car in time before her big chance is gone forever.

Headshots courtesy of Fredshots Photography,, 469-718-9749.