DALLAS (Feb. 13, 2014) – But that’s exactly what Vivienne did. And when she did, her community came out to support her – and what followed became so much bigger. From among 230 million users, she was selected to ring the bell for Twitter’s IPO. Town & Country named her one of the top 50 most influential philanthropists in America. Now her story has become a documentary called #standwithme premiering on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Angelika Dallas, located at 5321 E. Mockingbird Ln. (map) in Dallas.

McKinney Online

#standwithme explores modern slavery through a young girl trying to make a difference. When Vivienne took a stand, her community stood with her, as did a group of filmmakers. When these filmmakers stood, their community stood with them and submitted crowd-sourced footage from places as far away as Nepal, Singapore, and Peru.

Emmy-winning Stillmotion Originals has teamed up with Vivienne to bring this film straight to communities across the United States and give them a chance to stand together. Using social media and new platforms such as Tugg.com, they are renting theaters in 30 cities and selling tickets online.

“This story matters. When people see the power we all have in our daily decisions, they will be empowered to become a part of the solution,” says co-director Patrick Moreau. “What could take a traditional Hollywood theatre several years to produce, direct, edit, and then deliver to an audience has been greatly accelerated.”

#standwithme attempts to change the way documentaries are made and brought to the public. Production began in May of 2013 and the 72-minute film will hit theaters less than a year after the filmmakers first met Vivienne. In that span the production has travelled to Nepal, Ghana, Namibia, and Dominican Republic to bring this story to life by talking to children who are or were enslaved. With volunteers in every city where the film is screened, Vivienne and this team of filmmakers show there is a new way to stand for the world you believe in through direct connection to communities and inviting them to get involved.

The trailer is available at standwithmemovie.com and tickets can be purchased for the Premieres in one of the 30 cities. The World Premiere took place in San Francisco on Feb. 1, recognized as National Freedom Day in the USA, and sold out two shows. A portion of ticket sales will go to the Make A Stand Foundation, which helps keep children free and safe from slavery. Learn more at makeastand.com.

McKinney native Stephanie Henry-Ricchi has a role in this production. Read more about her in "Promises of Hope: Offering Safety and Support" from the February 2014 issue of McKinney Magazine.