David Harrold had it all; a motorcycle that many would die for, the adventurist spirit of a true maverick, and an iron-clad determination that would let nothing stand in his way. Or so he thought.

Motorcycle High: The Adventures of Rock Pounder is a fictional account of Harrold’s trip. Fusing action and adventure with real-life quips and comedic encounters, it’s guaranteed to give readers the ride of their lives.


Rock Pounder, adventure rider extraordinaire, is planning a round-the-world trip on his motorcycle. His goal is Amsterdam and the herbal refreshment that awaits him there. But when you’re a legend— among women, adventure riders, and spies— nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Come along for the ride as Rock and his bike travel onward through Siberia, Mongolia, and Europe. His destination is Amsterdam and the pleasures that lie in store. The journey will take him places he never
expected to go.

But when Rock Pounder is on a mission, no one stands in his way, except, maybe, a tall blonde who means nothing but trouble.

“There is nothing quite like it on the market today,” says Viveca Smith, President of the book’s publishing company.

She continues, “Even though the book is fiction, many of the stories are based on Dave Harrold's true-life adventures.”

Critics from both the general fiction and motorcycling worlds are awaiting the launch of the book with great interest. Poised to become one of the most exciting book releases of the year, readers around the country are oiling their hands in anticipation.

Motorcycle High: The Adventures of Rock Pounder, published by Viveca Smith Publishing, will be available from November 7th.

For more information, please visit http://www.vivecasmithpublishing.com/

Harrold’s official website can be found at: http://www.daveharrold.com/