"The Price I Paid, Ramadi," written by McKinney-based author John M. Gunn, is a historical fiction story of a U.S. Army Infantry Soldier, who has just landed in Baghdad, Iraq, on Oct. 15, 2005, the day that the people of Iraq voted to ratify their new constitution.

After meeting his new fire team leader the "Specialist," and fellow teammate "Gordon," they make their way to one of the most dangerous cities in the world Ramadi. Throughout the day they go from strangers to brothers in a way that only can be formed through the fire and led of combat, but ultimately shattered by loss and tragedy, in the city of Ramadi.

Look through the eyes of this soldier as his life changes from the luxury of America to the war torn streets of Ramadi. Feel the hot steel and hear the crack of the enemies bullets whip by your head as Gunn writes in a first-person form, putting you, the reader, in the battle, fighting beside the bravest men in the world.

Gunn was raised in California, and ever since he was a boy he dreamed of serving in the military and law enforcement. At the age of 13 he joined the Simi Valley Police Explorer program to be better prepared for his future in the military and as a law enforcement officer. But sadly during an eye exam, the doctor informed him of a severe detached retina. Two days later he was in surgery to repair the detachment. During his attempt to join the U.S. military he was medically disqualified due to his eye injury, resulting in the shattering of his dream. Several months later he received the news that one of his friends was killed in action.

Gunn wrote this book in his friends honor, knowing that although he will not be able to serve his country in the military. He could serve the military by opening his countries eyes. To the life our military and how they serve this great nation. Even if in doing so, their life is taken.

Read "The Price I Paid, Ramadi." Take a look through a U.S. infantryman’s eyes, and know that this book only scratches the surface of the life of those who serve in our countries military.

A portion of any proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

"The Price I Paid, Ramadi," is now available on Amazon. Click here to go to the order page.