McKinney, Texas Nov. 18, 2019 - Mary Carole Strother, Director of the Collin County History Museum in McKinney, has announced the publication and release of Collin County Freedom Fighters - The Korean War – True Stories from the Wall of Honor by local author Ronnie D. Foster. This is the second book in the Collin County Freedom Fighters series written by Foster in cooperation with the history museum, the first being about World War I. These books tell the stories of the young men and women of Collin County, Texas, who went off to serve their country and didn’t come home.

            Twenty-six young Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, died during the Korean War. After hundreds of hours of research, Foster, a US Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, tells each man’s story of where he came from, where he served and how he died. The oldest was a 30-year-old US Air Force pilot who had been a star athlete at McKinney High School, had been decorated for valor in World War II and left a wife and two young children at home. The youngest was a 17-year-old boy from Wylie, straight from the farm and had just finished basic training, when his outnumbered infantry unit was overrun on a rugged hilltop in South Korea and virtually wiped out.

            Even though factual in its content the book is anything but dull. Foster, who served as a young enlisted Marine in Vietnam, tells the stories in a simple way that anyone would understand, with a personal touch of someone who has been there and done that.  In 2007, Foster’s One Day as a Lion – True Stories from the Vietnam War, detailing the lives and deaths of Collin County’s 21 young men who were killed in Vietnam was published. This book was the basis behind the building of the Veterans Memorial Park in McKinney, which has the names of 420 local heroes etched into the black granite of the Wall of Honor. Having researched all the names, Foster’s goal, as is the Collin County History Museum, is to put into print each person’s story, so that all those young heroes will never be forgotten.  

            The Collin County Freedom Fighters serieswill be available at every school and public library in Collin County, and is available for purchase at the Collin County History Museum, or online at Collin County Freedom