One of the silver screen’s brightest stars will be in North Texas this month for an evening of wonderful food, entertainment and fundraising for Collin County charities. 

Academy Award-nominated actor Jeremy Renner, who has wowed audiences in this summer's blockbuster "The Bourne Legacy," will be on stage for a special entertainment program at “The Allure of the Silver Screen” on Saturday, Sept. 29 at The Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center in Frisco. The event is being presented by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano. 

Renner received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 2010 for his role in "The Hurt Locker." "The Hurt Locker" won nine Academy Awards in 2010, including Best Picture.

Benefiting from the event’s ticket sales, auction and other features are several Collin County charities, including The Assistance Center of Collin County, The Samaritan Inn, Minnie’s Food Pantry and programs for patients with AIDS. 

This spring, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton paid off the mortgage for its recently built Faith Formation Center. For now, the large and growing parish, founded in the 1970s, has decided to utilize the church, facilities and current buildings for its daily worship and parish life, instead of entering into a new capital campaign to build new buildings. This allows the parish to use the proceeds for fundraising events to help benefit charities and causes that help the poor and ailing in Collin County. 

“St. Elizabeth Ann Seton has a long history of outreach to the larger community," said Tony Fleo with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. "For so many the need is so great and the parishioners of Seton have been so generous in answering the call to serve. We are honored to spotlight our community partners, especially the Assistance Center of Collin County for the great work they have accomplished in their 35 years of service to our community.”

The Assistance Center of Collin County brings carefully qualified and prompt short-term assistance to individuals and families in financial crisis to help them regain self-sufficiency. The ACCC’s discerning programs, guidance and funds are helping stabilize Collin County families’ home economies to fight homelessness, hunger and poverty as well as help protect our entire community from a wave effect of negative impacts.

The Samaritan Inn is a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people gain dignity and independence.

Minnie’s Food Pantry is one of the largest pantries in Collin County, serving low-income families as long as they meet the TEXCAP guidelines, regardless of their race, color, or religion.  It is a 501 C3 charity that provides healthy, nutritious food and red carpet treatment to every person they serve in the community.  Minnie’s Food Pantry focuses on reaching beyond its walls to address the issues of food insecurity and poverty.

Tanya Sastoque, Executive Director of The Assistance Center of Collin County, will emcee the event on Sept. 29.

“We are incredibly grateful to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish for their generosity in turning their fundraising proceeds to help charities of Collin County who are working to support families and individuals in financial crisis in need,” Sastoque said. “The appearance of Jeremy Renner and the whole spirit of fun and giving of the evening will bring a wonderful experience to the community for all of us.  I am honored to be chosen to emcee such an extraordinary event that is helping and serving those in need here in Plano and in Collin County.”

Actor Jeremy Renner’s grandmother is a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish. Renner spent many summers in Texas visiting his grandmother as he was growing up. 

“We are thrilled to have Jeremy Renner at our event for a special appearance, and we are so grateful that he would be able carve out the time to be with us,” Fleo said. “The sacrifice that he has made just in juggling his schedule so that he can be with us is significant, as he is in much demand not only in the US, but all over the world.”

“The Allure of the Silver Screen” is open to the public. Tickets are $100 per person. To purchase tickets, please click here