This month’s Music in Motion, an Artful Journey of Sight and Sound, will offer area artists, musicians and writers a rich setting for dialogue and shared inspiration.

McKinney Online - Music in Motion

More than 25 professional artists and members of the Arts & Music Guild from McKinney and surrounding cities, will exhibit their work and create to live music at the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts on Saturday, Oct. 11. Guild apprentices (musicians and artists under 18) will join their mentors in this celebration of creative expression.

Potter Sona Knox, a founding member of the Guild and owner of the Art House, said Music in Motion offers the public a unique perspective on the artistic experience.

“I am excited about the venue this year,” Knox said. “If the weather permits, I’ll throw on my (pottery) wheel outside, and if not, I’ll sculpt with clay inside. I love interacting with people, meeting families and letting kids have a hands-on experience. This is a great opportunity for artists to gather in front of the public and work together.” In the Carriage House, the spoken word will be added to a mix of jazz, blues and classical music during a program hosted by Jerry Rizzi, whose fellow performers include musicians and writers. In Heard-Craig Hall, Steve Powell will read poetry to the music of keyboardist William Foley, while painters Richard Miller and Anne Royer interpret visually.

Miller, who also digitally restores vintage recordings, is reminded of a similar “stage set” in the 1940s and 1950s, when a new freedom of expression emerged across a broad spectrum of the art world. “Jackson Pollock, with his large drip paintings that ‘had no beginning or end,’ was an avid jazz collector,” he said. “The writers then fed off abstract expressionist painters, and the musicians were inspired by the writers and painters.”



Carolyn Lis, a Frisco resident and parent of a Guild apprentice, said she enjoys Music in Motion every year. “It’s at events like Music in Motion that you truly realize the breadth of talent in this community,” she said. “I am especially inspired seeing youngsters playing with a professional band, or a child painting right next to an established artist.”

McKinney Online - Music in Motion

Music in Motion includes a wide range of genres, with 15 music performances on three stages. Guitarist John Wynn, bluegrass fiddlers Gerald Jones and Texas Shorty, the Cat House Band and jazz saxophonist Jason Davis are among the popular acts returning this year. New to Music in Motion are a harp duo and jazz trumpeter Akira Sato. The Flute Choir and Dance Band, both from the McKinney Community Band, as well as the Children’s Chorus of Collin County and the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra, are some of the non-profit arts groups scheduled to perform. Jason Davis and his ensemble will conclude the evening performances in Heard-Craig Hall.

Adding to the experience, restaurants and wineries will be on hand with items for sampling or purchase. The public is also invited to an evening reception for the unveiling of artwork that will be featured in the McKinney Historical Homes 2015 Calendar. Proceeds and donations to Music in Motion will support Serenity High School.

The event is slated for 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Funding for Music in Motion is provided by grants from the City of McKinney Arts Commission, Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation and Eugene McDermott Foundation. Sponsors include Orisons Art and Framing, with catering provided by La Misha and Rick’s Chophouse. For information on the schedule, artists and performers, see


About the author: Anne Royer is a studio artist and historian dedicated to the development of the arts community in McKinney. She is Director of the Arts and Music Guild and holds three Master’s Degrees from Yale University. To learn more, visit